Does your real estate website provider supply you with prewritten content?

Thanks to the Blog Swap RSS Pieces put together, Stephen Jagger of Ubertor is our guest today. Ubertor serves the real estate industry with agent and broker software. I would like to thank Stephen! Here is his post:

Stephen Jagger, Ubertor – Many of real estate website providers supply prewritten canned content on the web sites they sell to real estate agents. This canned content comes in many forms:

  • Free Reports
  • Top Tips
  • Buying Tips
  • Selling Tips
  • plus much more…

Google says “we try hard to index and show pages with distinct information“.

What does that mean?

Canned content, generic content and content provided to you is not helping you… but actually hurting you.

Write your own Free Reports, Top 10 Tips, Sellers Bonus Material, etc… be courageous, be opinionated, take a risk, tell people what you think and be UNIQUE.

Google, Yahoo and MSN are looking for unique, quality content that they can provide to their users. Someone searching for Vancouver Real Estate is looking to find the best website about that topic. The search engines are looking to find that website (actually the top 10 under than term). To get your website to come up under the keyword term you are trying to target start by reviewing these points:

  1. Start Blogging
  2. Google likes sites of at least 100 pages and pages of 300-500 words/page
  3. Get rid of your canned content and write your own
  4. Write about the term you want to be found under
  5. Write about the term you want to be found under again
  6. Comment on other blogs that compliment your industry
  7. Use or a service like it to view actual searchers searching for that term
  8. Engage your visitors, request comments, feedback, questions
  9. Keep your solds within your website – never delete or hide them
  10. Blog, Blog, Blog and then do it again

Blogging has proven to be the most effective way to gain exposure within the search engines.

The real key: Write for your readers – then review for the search engines! – not the other way around. Google’s mantra is “Be Good Not Evil” Bloggers’ mantra is “Write for your Reader, Good will follow”

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