Jott: Voice to Text Service

Does your Real Estate business keep you moving? If you?re like most real estate agents, you could use an assistant for recordkeeping alone. Although often times the expense is too big of a barrier. Introducing a new FREE service by Jott Networks! Jott allows anyone to send email messages to themselves, colleagues, customers or groups by voice. Registered users simply dial 877-568-8486, 24 hours a day. Once the system answers, say the name of the person or group you want to email. Jott will then confirm the name back to you. Then simply speak your message and Jott will use a combination of machine and human transcription to convert your voice to text. Jott records in 30 second clips.

Interested in the technology, but still wondering how this can really help your business? Imagine going through your day, calling Jott from your mobile speed dial as you need to record important expenses, create to-do lists, set goal planning ideas, or send important emails. You may even record a personal memo as you preview a home, commenting on specific features your buyers will appreciate. How about logging the FSBO you drive by and create a reminder for follow up later that day. Maybe even write your next blog article as you are stuck in traffic.

If you would like to review a previously recorded Jott message, simply access the ?JottBox? by calling 866-JOTT-BOX. From there, you can listen to all recorded messages and forward them out to your contacts as needed.

If you?re a frequent reader of, you?ll remember an article we covered on a similar technology called E.V.A. The EVA system uses pure human translation via a dedicated transcriptionist. However the service has a monthly cost, similar to a cell phone. For those that do not want to undertake another reoccurring bill, Jott is worth looking into!

About Reggie

Reggie Nicolay is founder of the real estate technology blog, and is the Vice President of Marketing and Social Media for the Realtors Property Resource® (RPR), a property database for REALTORS®. Reggie was named one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate for 2010 by Inman News.