Print Contracts And More from Your Car

For nearly 2 years now, I have been trying to write a post on mobile printers. The idea has always intrigued me. The ability to print contracts or a listing flier from your car or a coffee shop seems like the perfect fit for the mobile real estate agent.

The problem that I have had in writing the post has come that my experiences with mobile inkjet printers. Poor print quality and speed, and fragile construction has made it difficult to recommend any real estate agent rely on one of these devices.

The latest generation of mobile printers by Canon and HP are revitalizing the idea of printing on the go. Both companies have mobile inkjet printers that produce quality prints at a surprisingly fast rate.

Top Mobile Printer Models

The Canon Pixma iP100 is the latest entry in a long line of Canon mobile inkjet printers. Unlike its predecessors, this new model performs more like larger desktop printers. Printing with 5 ink colors at up to 20 pages per minute, the issues that I have experienced using an older Pixma iP90 seem to have been addressed.

The HP Officejet H470wbt is the top of the HP line of mobile printers. Unlike its less expensive siblings, the H470wbt includes both a Bluetooth adapter and a lithium battery. Printing speed of the Officejet H470wbt bests the iP100 by 2 pages per minute, but color prints may be hindered by the inclusion of only 4 ink colors.

Choosing the Right Mobile Printer

Deciding which printer is right for you will depend on how you will be using the printer.

As with other Canon printers, the Pixma iP100’s real strength is in photo printing. It also has a lower price than the HP model, thanks to the lack of an included battery or Bluetooth adapter. These accessories and others, such as a car adapter, are available but will easily add another 60% or more to the price of the device.

The Canon is a better choice for the real estate agent who will be printing within reach of a power outlet and doesn’t mind connecting a USB cable (or doesn’t have a Bluetooth adapter in their laptop).

The HP Officejet H470wbt focuses on truly mobile business printing. The included lithium battery and Bluetooth adapter allow a real estate agent to print from anywhere, without the need for power outlet or USB cable.

While the price of the HP may seem higher than the Canon, it is actually cheaper than the iP100 with the optional Bluetooth adapter and lithium battery. This makes the HP the choice for the truly model warrior. Just pull out the Officejet, drop in paper and print from any Bluetooth-enabled device, like a laptop or smartphone.

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