Kick Off To MTO Vlogging Contest!

Okay, so you may have noticed we have taken a fancy to podcasting here over the last few months.? It’s been a great exploration of social media….learning how to best create and share our podcasts. ?I could also compare my experience to that of a horror flick, as recording and listening to my own voice pretty much scares everyone out of the office. I started out as a perfectionist, trying to bleep out and edit all my verbal mistakes. Poor Reggie would listen from a far as a barrage of four letter words would radiate from my mouth with each tongue twister I encountered. I quickly learned to “get over” the mishaps and just let the words flow. Besides, everyone makes mistakes and it’s just more natural and easier to listen to.

So, now that I’ve been podcasting for awhile, the next scary medium that requires my attention….is video. Duh! I’ve been afraid to touch vlogging in the past for many of the same reasons that others have been avoiding the camera:? (1) it takes too much time, (2) not sure about the right equipment, (3) what content is best to share, and (4) I will look and sound like a jackass…or to quote one of my favorite comedic geniuses, Adam Sandler, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

I finally have the perfect retort:

(1) TIME REBUTTAL: Make a commitment to once a week. Pick a spot and shoot. It can actually take a lot less time than writing a post…if you know what you’re talking about.

(2) EQUIPMENT REBUTTAL: The Flip…it’s $149 and has one red button for start and stop and plugs directly into your computer via USB drive. Video opens in a super easy format with immediate email and upload options. Oh, and no rendering time!

(3) CONTENT REBUTTALL: What makes you and your niche unique? If you are asking questions or talking about a specific topic, idea, thing, or place…chances are someone else is. So address those topics. If you’re clients have regular inquiries about your market, create a short video that can be viewed time and again. And just remember….any content that you had planned to write about can be shared via video.

(4) JACKASS REBUTTAL: Who cares?! I do, and you should too. You may not be the next Meredith or Matt from the Today Show. But you should make a concerted effort to look like your audience. If you have a rockstar audience…put on your leather pants! If your audience is strictly business, put on a suit! If your audience is comprised of neighbors in your niche, then look like you do when you meet them in public. Your branding yourself, so don’t make yourself up into something?other than?your normal everyday! We want to recognize you!

We’re so excited about real estate video implementation that Reggie, Chad and I would like to announce our, “Kick Off To MTO Vlogging Contest”! The goal of this contest is to foster video communication in the real estate industry, share innovative technology, and help real estate professionals over the “getting started” vlogging hurdle.

Your Task: Create a video that answers the following question: What technology product or service has made the biggest impact on your business? And why? (EX: blog, social network, mobile device, transaction management, lead generation tool, etc.) Then send us the link to your video. We will be featuring all entries on MTO. Be sure to get your video in by midnight August 31, 2008. Your video will be judged by us, as well as?four celebrity?expert judges (Lani Anglin-Rosales, Mike Price, Daniel Rothamel and Jeff Turner). The winner will receive:

(1) A Flip Ultra ($149 value)
(2) Obtain a Featured Video Section?on the MTO Homepage for 6 months
(3) Score Custom Video Blog Integration (offered by Chad from DravenCreation Web Design)
(4) Video Broadcast Set Up and Distribution via MLBroadcast ($78 value)
(5) RealSeekr Premium Membership for 1 year ($249 value) & Logitech Quickcam for Skype ($35 value)


  • You must be a real estate or mortgage professional. (That means: agents, brokers, lenders, etc. NO VENDORS…we want REAL working professionals knee deep in the industry who are making a real impact with technology in their RE business and with clients.)
  • Answer the question in 5 minutes or LESS.
  • Be creative
  • Be professional
  • Be yourself
  • Prove your point!
  • Submit a link to your video to us by?midnight August 31, 2008.

We’re looking to get cozy with you, so MTO now supports video comments. ?Video is not a one way street, it’s an information super highway with shortcuts, road blocks, and occasional potty break….so please, don’t make me do all the talking. Jump in and go for a ride with me!

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Nicole Nicolay "@nik_nik" is Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Agent Evolution, and author of "WordPress for Real Estate: From Static to Standout". Her passion is educating real estate professionals on how to generate business by integrating both new and traditional channels of marketing. She is also co-founder and editor of, where she's been blogging about real estate technology since 2005. Nicole was named one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate for 2010, Top 10 Most Fearless Women Online & in Social Media for 2011, and 2012's Top 30 Women in Social Media in the world.