MTO Vlog Contest Finalists

While we are waiting for the expert judge panel (@LaniAR, @ResPres, @mlbroadcast, @RealEstateZebra) to deliberate and deliver their votes, let’s take a closer look at what the 12 Finalists have to offer?

(1) Ian Watt The original “Car Blogger”…aka “Clogger”. The most enthusiastic daily blogger who reaches out via video from his car and more!? He is your local Vancouver real estate expert!

(2) Kelley Koehler First off, Kelley is my middle name. Did your parents also name you after the Kelley Blue Book? (That’s what mine told me.) Anyway, superb patience with mobile technology at its finest!

(3) Keith Cuddleback & Tilton Quan An inside look at the real life of real CyberAgents.? They? “GET” mobile….and they are! These Docusign Dudes are all about convenience for everyone!

(4) Matt Rains Am I the only one who hears a slight resemblance to Matthew McConaughey? We could listen to Matt talk about Adobe Cold Fusion or anything else all day….and we did!

(5) Geordie Romer A quiet enticement of technology that takes us right back to the basics of high-speed Internet!

(6) Ted Mackel Ted feeds you the basics of how RSS can help your real estate business and some ways it’s already impacted his own! Oh, and video drives this man crazy…in a good way!

(7) Sheldon JohnsonAn evolutionary tale of real estate technology taking you from stone to his tablet PC!

(8) Adam Golden Have you heard of the “Ground & Pound? I know, it kind of scared me at first. But then I realized this man loves shoes as much as I do….so he can’t be bad.

(9) Robert Ashbey aka”Captain Mortgage” If Reggie gave me a dollar for every time I called him Captain Morgan, I’d be buying that new Marc Jacobs purse at Nordstrom right now. ?Robert truly gives new meaning to the term “mobile agent”.

(10)Mike Lefebvre Mike obviously knows how to use video professionally and appropriately in his real estate business…while also being creative and LYAO funny. That is truly an achievement!

(11)Mike Mueller The dude seriously lays down the video schooling every newbie RE video enthusiast needs to hear! Mike’s a pro already…no doubt about that!

(12)Doug Buenz Like’s technology….A LOT! But knows what’s really important when it comes to his real estate business….making time for clients!

Here are some reactions from Lani to each of our contestants. No vote revealed…but listen closely, I think you can tell who her favorite is….or not!

Results will be revealed tomorrow! So, stay tuned!

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