Pimp Your Screens

Now that you have 2 (or more) monitors, it’s time to customize your system. Here are a few resources to give you extra functionality and ways to personalize your multiple monitor system.


Want the taskbar to extend across all screens? Want to display different wallpapers on each monitor or one large image across both screens? These and other features may require additional software. Here are a few utilities to get more control over your multiple monitor system.

UltraMon ($39.95)

Complete dual monitor utility that I currently use. The most feature rich of the dual monitor control programs. Features include:

  • Wallpaper support
  • Extension of the task bar to all monitors
  • Additional buttons and menu choices for moving, throwing and sizing windows
  • Shortcuts to open programs in specific locations
  • Highly customizable

MultiMon (Free or $28 for Pro)
Dual monitor utility with 2 levels of functionality. A free version extends the taskbar across all monitors, adds a move to window button and a few other features. The pro version includes more customization and window management capabilities.

Display Fusion (Free)
Dual screen wallpaper utility with Flickr integration.


The right image can really make your dual monitor system pop. These have to be very large and panoramic photos. Not really something that you will find in your My Pictures folder.

Here are some wonderful resources for stunning images that fit perfectly on a dual monitor computer.

Custom Stands

The real downside of a dual monitor system is the added desk space taken up. Solve this problem with a multi-monitor stand. Available in configurations holding 2 or more monitors, these space saving devices can mount to a wall, furniture or simply stand on your desktop. ErgoTron and Planar are leading manufacturers of multiple monitor stands.

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