4 Ways to Access Your Files Remotely

So, you are like many real estate agents in that you have more than one computer. Usually that entails a desktop computer at the office and a laptop for home and the field. Shortly after adding that second computer, a completely new technology problem arises:

How do you access all of your important files from each computer?

Luckily, software and hardware companies have created numerous ways to solve this problem. The right solution for you will depend on how much data you have, how consistently you have internet access and what your budget is.

Here are 4 ways to access your files remotely:

Microsoft SyncToy

Synctoy 2.0 is a free download from Microsoft. This small program allows you to synchronize files between folders and computers. Use this program to sync your data from a computer to another computer or an external storage device like a USB flash drive.

I used this program for over a year with great success. I created a network drive on my laptop and used Synctoy to transfer files over my network.


  • No internet connection necessary
  • No data limit
  • Free


  • Microsoft offers no support
  • Syncing can take time
  • Corrupted files can cause syncing to fail

Microsoft Live Sync

Previously called Microsoft FolderShare, Microsoft Live Sync is a free online folder synchronization service. Files are transferred from your computer to your Live Sync account. Those files can then be synced with another computer, accessed via a browser or shared with others.


  • Free
  • Access your files from any internet connected computer
  • Share files with others


  • Data limited to 2GB
  • Requires an internet connection to access files


GoToMyPC is a paid service that provides remote access to your computer from any internet connected computer. Not only does the service provide access to your data, programs can be run remotely, as well.


  • Secure remote access to your data and programs
  • No need to sync files


  • $20 a month fee
  • Requires internet connection
  • Computer with the data must be on

Seagate FreeAgent Go

Portable external hard drives have come a long way. Using laptop-size drives, these small devices provide storage capacities of up to 500GB.

While many manufacturers make portable drives, the Seagate FreeAgent Go is my favorite. They are the only company to offer a desktop dock and carrying case as an optional upgrade.

Simply configure the Seagate Sync software and your files are transferred to the external drive. Encryption is also available for added protection in case of theft or loss.

The Seagate FreeAgent Go is the solution that I use to have all of my files, photos, music and videos with me at all times.


  • No internet connect required
  • Huge storage capacities
  • Access files from any computer with a USB port


  • Drives cost $100-$150 plus $30 for the desktop dock and carrying case
  • Syncing files can take time

When deciding on a solution for your real estate business, think about what files you need and where you will be accessing them. Some solutions require internet connections, so working at an open house is probably out of question. Other solutions can’t handle large volumes of data and are best suited for limited data needs.

Are you using a different solution to access files remotely? Share it with us.

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