Get Your Own Real Estate iPhone App….for FREE!

MobileAppLoader is a new service providing businesses with customized apps for the iPhone.? You can take advantage of the fact that it’s still in Beta, and make your own real estate iPhone app for free! The “Real Esate – Real Easy” iphone app provides quick contact buttons (call, Web, email), the ability to search your listings, a neighborhood? locater, property feedback, and a loan calculator.

To get started, visit MobileAppLoader and sign up for free. Once you activate your account, you’ll notice that “Real Estate- Real Easy” is a featured application on the homepage. Choose “get started” and you’ll be prompted to submit your icon, images, description, application name and contact information. Once you’ve submitted all the required content, your app will be created and submitted to the iTunes App Store within a few hours. However, the approval process via iTunes takes anywhere from 7-10 days.

This app is only going to be free for a couple more weeks as beta comes to a close.? Upon official launch of MobileAppLoader, the service will include a $99 setup fee (including Q&A and iTunes/Apple approval process) as well as a $9.99 monthly maintenance charge.

To learn more about the “Real Estate – Real Easy” application, watch this.

To browse the iPhone apps created by MobileAppLoader, go here.

MyTechOpinion: For a template app solution, this is a great option. Especially if you take the time to carefully select your images and content. Free is always good, and the price point for after launch seems about right.? Completely custom app solutions run about $1,000 an app. See MotherApp

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