Tesla Model S: An Eco-Friendly Ride for Real Estate Professionals

If you are a real estate professional who is patient and concerned about your environmental footprint….I have the car for you! Well, I don’t, but Tesla sure does. On March 26th, Tesla officially unveiled the new Model S. And last night I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with it at a private showing in Menlo Park.

Here’s what I love about the new Tesla Model S:

  • It’s completely electric…leaving an environmental footprint I can be proud of.
  • It looks hot! Teslas (to me) are like the BMW of electric cars…but even sexier in my opinion!
  • 100% torque, 100% of the time! For those of us that achieve Zen moments while driving…this car will set you free….in fast forward! 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds!
  • The dash includes a 17″ Infotainment screen with 3G connectivity! Browse the Internet, utilize Google Maps, customize Pandora Radio, etc.
  • It seats 5 adults and 2 children, making it a great choice for professional parents! Plenty of room for my crew and their gigantic (but safe) Britax cars seats!
  • Trunk space galore…and even more space under the hood!
  • Battery options! Choose from batteries that will go 160, 230 or 300 miles on a single charge. Charge time varies, but Tesla recently introduced the “Quick Charge” that only takes 45 minutes yielding 300 miles of drive time!

Here’s why real estate professionals should consider Tesla:

  • Demonstrate how much you care about your community by reducing your environmental footprint and leading the way in local sustainability!
  • The 17″ Infotainment screen REALLY makes your car function like a true mobile office with a full functioning Internet browser in the dash. Plan your previewing or showings with Google Maps, search for market trends on the go via Cyberhomes, and introduce clients to local businesses/attractions.
  • Market your business on the go! Seriously, you COULD plan, launch and engage with social media marketing from the Infotainment screen. Or at the very least leave b-day messages via Facebook. (IN PARK OF COURSE)
  • Roomy enough to comfortably chauffeur a family of 4 for showings.
  • Show those Hummer driving gas guzzling agents who’s boss! (No offense Hummer owners…but they are bit ridiculous in terms of size and environmental stability.)
  • Advertise on your car (license plate, sticker, etc.). You’ll already have curiosity running wild, may as well introduce yourself as someone with environmental integrity.

Here’ s why you have to be patient:

  • Although you can put yourself on the wait list, and submit your deposit, you’ll have to wait until spring of 2011 for delivery. Tesla is also financing the development of the Model S with deposits from people on the waiting list. You can assure yourself one of the first 2,000 cars by paying a $40,000 deposit. Deposits for later cars are $5,000. So far, 700 customers have reserved their spots on the wait list. (The Tesla Model S base price starts at $49,900.
  • Tesla is waiting on the Energy Department to hook them up with a $450 million government loan in order to speed up production (which would make the cars more affordable).

For a closer look at the Model S, check out the Tesla slide show below with pics from @Cyberhomes! And take a wild test drive in the Model S with Michael Arrington, Leena Rao, and Sarah Lacy.

A very special thanks to the best Dad ever (Original Nick), who always made sure I had something safe AND cool to drive…but is now making sure it’s also eco-friendly! Woohoo!

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