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Why TweetLister, When You Can Just Twitter

What is TweetLister?

TweetLister is a new Twitter tool specifically created for real estate agents. Signing up for the free service allows you to post, schedule and manage real estate listings on Twitter. Track clicks received on your listings, as well as collect and download contacts you get through those listings (available via an Excel Report).

While I see the benefit of scheduling resourceful tweets to share with your network (aka “drip tweets”) throughout the day, I don’t recognize the benefit of ONLY twittering your listings. As a real estate professional on Twitter, your goal should be to become your network’s trusted advisor. This means you should be sharing what makes you a great source of related information. Yes, listing information is important to your local network (for those planning to transact now or in the near future). But what about the vast majority who are not transacting. Surely you want to maintain your connections and provide resourceful and local information so that when those in the majority are ready to transact, they call you!

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Next-Gen iPhone Details Revealed?

Today when I checked my reader I was excited to see rumored details of the next-gen iPhone from the Wired Gadget Lab. The article claims the latest iPhone will be released on July 17th and will include many hot upgrades, such as:

*? 32GB and 16GB storage ($199 and $299 price points to be maintained)
*? 3.2-megapixel camera (up from the current 2-megapixel camera)
*? Video-recording and editing capabilities
*? Ability to send a picture & video via MMS
*? OLED screen
*? 1.5 times the battery life of the current models
*? Double the RAM and processing power
*? Built-in FM transmitter
*? Apple logo on back will glow
*? Rubber-tread backing
*? Sleeker design
*? Built-in compass
*? Turn-by-turn directions

It’s easy to see how these new features are great for iPhone users, but how will they affect the average real estate agent? ?Many non-iPhone users will argue features like mobile video and MMS have been on other mobile devices for some time now.? But the reality is that other devices are missing the slick yet extremely powerful interface of the iPhone combined with the flourishing iTunes app store.

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A Real Estate Presentation in the Palm of Your Hand

Real estate agents are some of the most mobile professionals on Earth. Always on the go from house to house and appointment to appointment.

This mobility has led to an army of real estate agents carrying small laptops. These lightweight devices are wonderful, until you need to present to a client.

Having 2 or 3 people huddled around a 13″ screen to view a listing presentation or homes for sale can be difficult, especially if anyone has a personal space issue. Even the best of presentations will lose some effectiveness given in this uncomfortable manner.

Thankfully, new technology has arrived to make you a mobile real estate titan.

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Twitter Rolls Out “Saved Searches” to the Twitmasses!

Twitter has been integrating Search.Twitter (formerly Summize) for some time now. I first noticed the search tool and “Saved Searches” features about a month ago. However, it seemed like Twitter was taking it’s time rolling this new search tool out to all it’s users. ?You may have already observed the trending topics and search bar that have taken up residency on your Twitter Profile. But now you can search a topic or specific keywords, and then add each search to your sidebar as a “Saved Search”.

Other applications like Tweetdeck and Tweetie have integrated various search and sorting tools already, but now you can search and monitor directly from your Twitter Web Profile. And the experience seems to be fast and easy thus far!

If you are currently monitoring specific keywords (i.e. your business name, your name, expertise, local interests, etc) with alerting services like Twilert and Tweetbeep, then you’ll quickly identify the benefit of this new Twitter feature! If not, this is the perfect introductory tool to keep you in the “know” when it comes to what Tweeps & Twits are saying about you and your business. [Read more…]