Next-Gen iPhone Details Revealed?

Today when I checked my reader I was excited to see rumored details of the next-gen iPhone from the Wired Gadget Lab. The article claims the latest iPhone will be released on July 17th and will include many hot upgrades, such as:

*? 32GB and 16GB storage ($199 and $299 price points to be maintained)
*? 3.2-megapixel camera (up from the current 2-megapixel camera)
*? Video-recording and editing capabilities
*? Ability to send a picture & video via MMS
*? OLED screen
*? 1.5 times the battery life of the current models
*? Double the RAM and processing power
*? Built-in FM transmitter
*? Apple logo on back will glow
*? Rubber-tread backing
*? Sleeker design
*? Built-in compass
*? Turn-by-turn directions

It’s easy to see how these new features are great for iPhone users, but how will they affect the average real estate agent? ?Many non-iPhone users will argue features like mobile video and MMS have been on other mobile devices for some time now.? But the reality is that other devices are missing the slick yet extremely powerful interface of the iPhone combined with the flourishing iTunes app store.

Now video to the iPhone is not revolutionary. Obviously people have been jailbreaking their iPhones for some time now to setup services like QIK to stream video from their iPhone.? But as I said, they had to jailbreak the phone which is not sanctioned by Apple and equates to hacking the device.? Now, if this news is correct, all new iPhone owners will be able to capture and share video using the device they’re already using for leading social networking applications, GPS, mobile email, internet activities, etc.

My mind starts racing at all the possibilities for real estate professionals. Imagine harnessing the power of a lifestream to aggregate all your shared video, pictures, and content shared from this one device.? (See my lifestream here.) ?Let me give you an example, you drive to your first appointment of the day and you arrive a few minutes early.? You realize the sunrise is exceptionally beautiful so you take a few minutes of video highlighting the entrance to the neighborhood and sports park. You tag and share the video. Now it’s immediately available for your network to see and archived on your blog/website via the lifestream.? Later the same morning you learn of a new downtown project that will be affecting local homeowners so you break out the iPhone and open your favorite Twitter application and share the news. That too, has been broadcast to your network and archived on you lifestream. ?I think you get my point!

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