A Real Estate Presentation in the Palm of Your Hand

Real estate agents are some of the most mobile professionals on Earth. Always on the go from house to house and appointment to appointment.

This mobility has led to an army of real estate agents carrying small laptops. These lightweight devices are wonderful, until you need to present to a client.

Having 2 or 3 people huddled around a 13″ screen to view a listing presentation or homes for sale can be difficult, especially if anyone has a personal space issue. Even the best of presentations will lose some effectiveness given in this uncomfortable manner.

Thankfully, new technology has arrived to make you a mobile real estate titan.

The development of LED lighting technology has ushered in a new class of projector, the “mini-projector”. These tiny devices fit in the palm of your hand and weigh mere ounces. Unlike traditional projectors, LED lit models require no warm-up time and can last for over 10,000 hours.

Connectivity options for mini-projectors can include iPhone and iPod adapters. Can you imagine the impact of a client telling their friends, “My real estate agent pulled out his iPhone and a tiny projector from a pant pocket and showed me a short movie on why I should hire him”? Talk about a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Now, these projectors won’t win awards for picture quality. Due to their small size, you will need a fairly dark room and some distortion should be expected. But a 60 inch image out of device the size of a smart phone deserves a bit of slack on picture quality.

Here are a few mini-projectors to consider. They vary in size, price, connectivity options and functionality, so no one projector is best for every real estate agent.

  • Dell M109S – One of the largest mini-projectors at nearly 1 pound, the Dell M109S is also the most like a traditional projector in form, connectivity and performance.
  • 3M MPro110 – This tiny, battery-operated projector is truly a go anywhere mobile device.
  • Optoma PK101 (Pico Pocket Projector) – The optional iPod adapter makes this mini-projector a must consider for the real estate agent addicted to their iPhone or iPod Touch.

For an investment of around $400, a mini-projector just may be what your mobile real estate presentation is missing.

About Chad A. Johnson

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