Bluehost For Your Web Hosting Needs

Through building and maintaining websites for many years, we at MyTechOpinion have worked with a slew of web hosting companies. Each with their own collection of quirks and idiosyncrasies. While no hosting service is perfect, there are several companies that rise above the competition.

One of the web hosting companies that we have grown very fond of over the last 2 years is This straight forward hosting service provides a level of service and low price that is hard to find. Here are the key reasons we use Bluehost and recommend it to our clients.


With monthly rates as low as $6.95 and no set-up fee, Bluehost is very economical. There is 1 hosting plan offered, so registration is simple. Pricing is based on how many months you pay in advance. Go with a year or more for discounted rates, you can cancel at any time and will receive a refund for unused time.

The hosting plan includes unlimited space and bandwidth, 2500 email accounts and a domain name (which you can take with you if you leave).


Customer support is something you don’t think about until you need it. Bluehost offers 24/7 phone support and a live chat service. The live chat is wonderful for quick questions, but the phone wait isn’t bad, either.


Not talking about how fast a page loads, rather the speed at which actions take place on your hosting account. Many web hosting companies can take hours, if not days, to create your account and point your domain name to it. With Bluehost, this takes minutes. Installing WordPress is a few clicks away and available for use immediately. Want to change email service to an Outlook Exchange host or Gmail? MX record changes are easy and take effect in minutes.


There are few things more frustrating than working on a feature for your site, only to find out that it won’t work on your web server. Right behind that in the frustration department is having to troubleshoot a website problem caused by server settings.

Bluehost has configured their servers to accommodate the open source trend that has brought us web solutions like WordPress, Drupal, BuddyPress and more. It would be hard to find an easier platform to run WordPress on.

With the ability to have 999 sub-domains, parked domains and add-on domains, you can run multiple websites from a single account. This is handy for the real estate agent whose has been collecting domain names over the years. Now they can all lead somewhere.

We here at MTO recommend Bluehost web hosting. If you use our Bluehost affiliate link, MyTechOpinion gets credit for referring you to their company.

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Chad A. Johnson is the President/COO of Agent Evolution, a social media education and WordPress web design firm. Through his multiple roles at Agent Evolution, Chad stays on top of the latest in WordPress development and business operations technology. Allow him to share WordPress tweaks, cloud computing services, and much more through his MTO posts.