Where is Your Real Estate Market Going? Cyberhomes Market Forecast Can Help!

How well can you predict what’s going to happen in your real estate market? Being a real estate professional, you probably get asked this very question almost daily. And your expertise and experience assist you greatly in answering with authority and credibility. But what if you had access to over 40 million loans, in conjunction with 100 million property, ownership, and sales records nationwide? Well, then you would be Cyberhomes Market Forecast!

You don’t really require all that data to forecast where your local market is going. But now you do have access to the crucial data that affects and shapes where your real estate market is headed.

Cyberhomes Real Estate Market Forecast, the first report that gives you a comprehensive tool to help predict future real estate trends in a local market by analyzing key information – including credit information, loan repayment data, delinquencies and foreclosures.

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Market Forecast is available for millions of properties and thousands of neighborhoods around the United States. Anyone can simply search for a property address or neighborhood on the Cyberhomes Web site, and Cyberhomes will show them whether their market is expected to increase in value, decline in value or remain neutral over the next year, based on the data used.

This type of predictory report can help YOU (the real estate pro) by providing you with information about bank discount rates, loan performance over time, and future inventory. It can also help you to better assist your clients, as well as guide you in making crucial business decisions.

To get started, visit Cyberhomes and enter the property address that you’d like a Market Forecast for. There are 2 types of Market Forecast Reports available:

(1) Summary Report for a special introductory price of only $3.99, and includes:

  • Overview of the local market direction
  • Historical and future projections of distressed, foreclosure and REO properties in the area
  • Estimated change in value for the neighborhood and the subject property over 12 months
  • Detailed loan and assessment information, including assessor market value, the loan-to-value ratio, tax delinquency status and more

(2) Full Report for those seeking professional-level, rich analysis, a full-scale report showing all of the details will be available for an introductory price of $9.99, and includes:

  • A 24-month value forecast
  • Local foreclosure trends and timelines
  • Mortgage delinquency and loan deterioration trends
  • Historical median sales price vs. volume trends
  • Neighborhood lending and sales statistics
  • Average area credit scores
  • Local percentages of distressed homes compared to state and national levels
  • Average local discounts on bank-owned properties
  • Risk from exotic loan types in the neighborhood and more
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