Overcoming the WordPress “Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size” Error

If you are like me, you love WordPress for it’s extendability. Through the use of plugins, new features and functionality can be easily added. Because of this, WordPress is one of the best platforms to build a real estate agent website on.

While plugins can be a blessing, they also can cause problems with a website. This can come in the way of slow website performance or error messages.

One common error message experienced by those getting a bit “plugin happy” (activating a lot of plugins on a single WordPress installation) is that of the “Fatal Error: Allowed memory size…” error.

This error message is a result of WordPress exceeding it’s predetermined memory limit. Activating several large, high-functionality plugins can easily cause this problem.

Luckily, there is an easy fix.

WordPress sets its memory limits within the wp-settings.php file. All that has to be done is change the memory limit from “32M” to “64M”.

Here are the step by step instructions:

  • Open wp-settings.php in your favorite code editor. This file is in the root directory of your WordPress installation
  • Go to line #13 of wp-settings.php and locate ’32M’
  • Change the “32” to “64”
  • Save the file and FTP it to your server

Once this is complete, you should have no problems activating those large plugins. Keep in mind that too many plugins can negatively affect website performance, so choose your plugins wisely and only add those that add value to the visitor experience.

For assistance with this or any other WordPress website related issue or need, contact MyTechOpinion and our MTO Sites design team.

About Chad A. Johnson

Chad A. Johnson is the President/COO of Agent Evolution, a social media education and WordPress web design firm. Through his multiple roles at Agent Evolution, Chad stays on top of the latest in WordPress development and business operations technology. Allow him to share WordPress tweaks, cloud computing services, and much more through his MTO posts.