50 Do-It-Yourself Marketing Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

Most of us are looking for ways to save. And although time is money, a little time spent working on your marketing can stretch your budget even further. I’m not suggesting you attempt to create all your marketing yourself, but you can pick and choose a few ideas to supplement with some of your higher quality pieces. When it comes to listing flyers to showcase a home, go for high resolution, custom branding and consistency. However, there are many other affordable ways you can market your real estate business using social media tools, word-of-mouth, and even marketing templates. Check out these 50 do-it-yourself marketing ideas for your real estate business.

Offline/Print Marketing
  1. Update your business cards with your social profiles
  2. Sponsor a local event or fundraiser
  3. Create swag- t-shirts, pens, etc. & give them away to clients and friends
  4. Attend and/or host local meetups & tweetups
  5. Get a vanity plate for your car
  6. Focus on word of mouth wherever you go (grocery store, hair salon, etc.) & carry those business cards
  7. Create or sponsor a local business or resource guide
  8. Mail hand written client appreciation & thank you cards
  9. Create a neighborhood newsletter/ “weekender” (mail or walk it)
  10. Direct mailers with comps & social profile callouts (offer a coupon/deal)
Email Marketing
  1. Create a drip email campaign, focusing on your niche (offer tips & advice)
  2. Send a weekly or monthly email newsletter
  3. Send flash animated birthday, holiday, special occasion cards (check out ZingDing)
  4. Work with local businesses to co-brand an email offer (send to both your contact lists)
  5. Invite sphere to a local event or Free online Webinar for homeowners (based on your niche expertise)
  6. What’s happening this weekend? Special weekender tips for your local area (include a coupon for local business attraction)
  7. Rate updates and info (work with a local lender)
  8. Seasonal homeowner reminders & safety tips (storm drains, garden tips, etc.)
  9. Invitation to your social profiles or exclusive Facebook Group (based on local interest)
  10. Survey or poll your clients and share results with further relevant info
  1. Create an ebook, require name & email address for free download
  2. Video/podcast blog series on a specific topic/niche
  3. Offer client Q & A via a contact form, highlight in sidebar
  4. Offer a free IDX search tool
  5. Add Facebook Connect to your blog
  6. Host a contest with prizes from local businesses
  7. Comment back timely and create dialogue within posts
  8. Post articles about others on your blog (local businesses, interesting people, neighborhoods, etc.)
  9. Create a local special interest landing page (i.e. wineries, schools, non-profit, etc.)
  10. Feature your listings, use a single property Website solution like MyMarketWare that syndicates your listings to several reputable listing aggregators
  1. Create a profile and import your contacts
  2. Send daily birthday wishes
  3. Comment or Like 3-5 posts from the Newsfeed daily
  4. Update your status with fun and value once a day
  5. Create a Facebook Page for your business
  6. Post helpful and relevant resources from your FB Page
  7. Leave comments on local business pages or groups (NO SPAM, or self interest linkbacks)
  8. Comment on others’ status updates
  9. Create a past client photo album with testimonials (tag clients that are on Facebook & post on your business page)Marketing Advertising Blog ? VuManhThang.Com
  10. Create Animoto slideshows or a photo album for listings (post on your business page)
  1. Create a Twitter profile, use to connect with locals
  2. Use the “Find People” feature to find people you already know on Twitter
  3. Tweet homeowner tips (easy repairs, projects, upgrades)
  4. Tweet funny, interesting, inspiring, engaging experiences and info
  5. Tweet local market info, updates
  6. List yourself on Twitter directories: NearbyTweets, WeFollow, etc.
  7. Break news as it happens
  8. Tweet local event information
  9. Tweet your blog posts
  10. Tweet your professional expertise & activities (niche advice, relevant tips, open houses, new listings, broker’s tour, thoughts & experiences)
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