How to Share Video from Your iPhone 3Gs

If you’re a proud owner of the new iPhone 3Gs then you have a great opportunity to share video on the go like never before! It’s one thing to create video mobile style (like say with the Flip), but it’s even more exciting and useful when you can share to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube while on the go and with only one mobile device in hand!

For example, you could be at a closing and simply record a brief testimonial from a happy client. With the right iPhone app, you are only a few clicks away from sharing that testimonial on Facebook. Likewise, you could be working with a stager who offers some super advice for homeowners. With your iPhone 3Gs, you could record the stager’s tips and share them with your network on Twitter in a matter of seconds! Basically, you can turn around and share just about any engaging moment, interesting occurrence, random thought, helpful tip or even your favorite dance moves with your iPhone 3Gs.

Here are a few more video ideas for savvy mobile real estate professionals: community interviews, neighborhood characteristics, local business info, quick homeowner how-to, event reporting, candid expertise tips, inspirational thoughts, etc.

To get started sharing video from your iPhone 3Gs, you’ll need to visit the app store and download an application that makes sharing possible. FYI- You don’t need an app if you just want to share video via email or to YouTube as those features are available from the iPhone 3Gs itself. You can even set your emailed videos to go to Twitter, but I’ve found the video sharing experience to be much easier with a video friendly app.

Which apps make sharing video from your iPhone 3Gs possible?

Twittelator Pro: $4.99 Share video in the form of Tweets. This is a full service app. You literally have all the features a mobile Twit requires along with the video feature. Twittelator Pro allows you to select your photo/video preference from a variety of providers in the settings. Note: both Yfrog and Moby are used to send video, and if you choose a different photo provider like Twitpic, Twittelator will automatically select Yfrog to send your videos.

Twitvid: FREE Share video tweets.? It’s that simple. Your one off video twittering service. It’s an super easy app but it leaves me needing more Twitter features from another app. However, I love that Twitvid pulls in my branded? Twitter background so my video tweets are displayed atop my own Twitter profile, which adds a nice personal touch.

TweetReel: $2.99 Also a very simplistic video and photo tweet sharing option. But for the price, the only other option you get here vs. Twitvid is multiple accounts. I’d save your $3 for now.

Video Up: $ .99 An easy solution to send your videos directly to Facebook.? This app uses Facebook Connect to seamlessly upload your iPhone created videos to your Facebook profile. For those of us waiting for the new Facebook app, Video Up is definitely a great interim solution at a reasonable price.

Video Uploader:? $ .99 Upload video to YouTube, Blogspot, & Facebook. Clearly a great choice with several options but that depends upon which networks you share video to.

Kyte Mobile Producer: $4.99 Upload and share video to your Kyte Channel. This app is noted for its high speed and quality video. You can also tweet your videos from this app by adding your Twitter login within the Kyte settings.

Pixelpipe: FREE Upload videos and photos to Pixelpipe and then pipe them to over 95 Web destinations: Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Viddler, etc. Although this app costs you nothing, it’s not free of occasional glitches and perhaps a hefty setup process for the video sharing newbie.

12 Seconds Video Messenger: Recently unveiled at the Real-Time Stream CrunchUp but not yet available in the app store, 12 seconds brings you their video twitter messenger.? Ideal for sending short video tweets via direct message. Stay tuned as we’ll bring you more info on this app!

The NEW Facebook App: Stocked with 15 new hard hitting features, one of which will also be video upload and share. Once this baby launches, you can bet I’ll be first in line at the app store (along with millions of other users)!

Qik: If you’re a hard core RE techie you may want to consider jailbreaking your phone for live-streaming with Qik. That is, if you’re okay with your iPhone warranty becoming null & void (although there are ways to work around this). many happy tech-stars are enjoying the utility of Qik. Yoo-hoo Apple & AT&T, I think it’s time you hop on the live-streaming app bandwagon!

MyTechOpinion: I favor Twittelator Pro for video twittering, as well as for its numerous other features. This app meets all of my mobile tweet needs and comes with rockin’ online support via @twittelator!? As for video sharing to Facebook, Video Up is as easy as it gets. But as I mentioned I’m parked out front of the app store with my high beams shining on the new Facebook app!

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