12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 5: Tweetie 2

On the 5th Day of iPhone Apps,
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It?s time to twitter like a pro,
Get Tweetie 2 now?go…go, go!

Okay, if you know me well?you know I already favor HootSuite as the ultimate real-time drip tweet tool. So? you may be surprised that I?ve chosen to write about Tweetie 2, and not the new HootSuite iPhone app that debuted last week. I?ve had some time to play around with the new HootSuite app and I do like it, and will probably use it occasionally. I also recognize that scheduling tweets and viewing trackable link stats is very helpful.

However, practicality comes into play when dealing with mobile apps vs. desktop apps. ?I?m really not sure that I scheduling tweets via mobile phone is practical when doing it from your desktop is so much easier (yet already takes time to set up and plan).? Also, scheduling tweets should be focused more on resourceful shares (like great articles and media), which again seems a bit more work via mobile. When it comes to sharing resources on the go, I like Regator Premium.

All that being said, I still felt HootSuite was worth the $2 just to have the option to schedule tweets if I were stranded somewhere without my laptop and had 4 hours to kill (like at the San Diego airport, thanks a lot Virgin America). But I also love the fact that the app brings over my settings and scheduling from my desktop account, so I can easily view what?s in cue, what?s been sent, and check stats for shared links. Stats rock! Measure what you share and you will know if what you share is even worth the time and effort!

About Tweetie 2:

Okay, on to Tweetie 2! I was already a fan of the original Tweetie app (which is free), but Tweetie 2 brings it home for those looking for a comprehensive Twitter app for iPhone! Let?s start with the interface?.ah, it rocks! Simple to manage with obvious feature placement. Other bling I should mention: saved searches, twitter lists, message indicators, live-filtering search, draft manager, landscape mode, rockin? refresh, translate tweets, short URL preview, threaded direct message view, offline mode, link to address book, nearby tweet search, Safari Bookmarklet, text expander, etc. The list of features is extensive and completely worth $3 for a Twitter app!

Why we like Tweetie 2:

Honestly, what?s not to like with this app! The user interface is simply ?AWESOME? and highly intuitive. You don?t have to go searching for obvious features, they are actually where you?d expect them to be. Building Twitter karma is easy with Tweetie 2 because the retweet feature is painless, but also offers ?requote? so you can add or modify your retweets. You can also manage multiple accounts with Tweetie 2, for those of you tweetin? double time! And just when you didn?t think this app could get any better it gives you the option to tweet both photos and video. Yes, video?I know! Happy dance!!! Okay sit back down now! When it comes to sharing your video tweets you can even select your preferred image/video host (i.e. yFrog, TwitVid, MobyPicture, Posterous, Vidly)! Woohoo, I love you Tweetie 2!

Cost: $2.99

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