How do you LIKE Facebook?s latest update?

If you?ve visited a Facebook Page today you may have noticed right away that ?Become a Fan? has been replaced with ?Like?. This change is aimed at improving engagement with Pages, since according to Facebook, users are more comfortable with the term ?Like?.

Apparently, Facebook users are also commitment phobes and ?becoming a fan? equates to saying ?I DO? in front of your entire online network! I can see their point, but then again, I usually jump in with both feet blindfolded to swim around and explore before coming up for air.

Anyway, at first glance you may think you can no longer send updates to fans?.I mean friends?.or ?people?. But you can, you just have to edit your page. However, I?m guessing there are more changes to come since the term ?fans? still remains in some areas on the editing dashboard. But I don?t think it will be long before Facebook eradicates that term completely!

Another interesting change associated with this update is that the interests you share on your Facebook Profile will be linked to similar interest based Pages. So for example, if you list “No Doubt” as one of your favorite bands in the music section of your profile, Facebook will suggest you join the No Doubt Facebook Page. Facebook explains their new focus in detail on it’s own blog here.

One not so noticeable feature you may have missed today is the ability to create a Facebook Ad for a particular status update. Friend and RE rockstar, Dustin Luther, explains the “Promote a Post” feature on his blog!

Now if you’ve been playing around inside Facebook and have a few thoughts, questions or comments….I hope you’ll share them with me here! And be sure to tell me, “How do you LIKE Facebook’s latest update?”

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