7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Real Estate Clients

The holidays usually bring fun, food, family, and friends together….and also an opportunity to stay top of mind with our clients. I’m sure you’re already thinking about sending holiday cards or looking for that perfect gift that will bring smiles to all your clients. ?But let’s face it, different clients will appreciate different gifts. That’s not to say you need to purchase individual gifts for all your clients. However, I do think we can apply the same “relevancy” factor we bring to our online content….to our offline gifts.

For example, I would LOVE it if my agent sent me a card including a list of the most helpful apps for home improvement, design, etc. Apps excite me, I love them…but not everyone has an iPhone or Droid or is geek enough to appreciate the value of these apps! I mean, c’mon…who doesn’t love?Red Laser! But alas…we need to think outside ourselves and that is why I have put together some ideas that may have you basking in relaxation instead of running around crazy on Black Friday. Yep, you won’t find me standing in lines…I prefer homemade gifts and online shopping. ? So here are a few of my gift ideas:

(1) Holiday Cards – I admit it, I can’t wait for the mail to arrive during the holidays! I absolutely love receiving holidays cards and letters…especially if there are recent photos included! So don’t forget to showcase your softer side and include your clients in your holiday card mailings! One of my favorite holiday card creators is?Tiny Prints!

(2) Digital Greetings – Oops you waited too long to send out those holiday cards! No worries! Rock your sphere with an online greeting!?Animoto or?JibJab are 2 solutions that will bring smiles and keep your clients “rockin’ around the X-mas tree”! You can email these, or share via Facebook and Twitter!

(3) Go Hyperlocal – Since you’re in the business of knowing the local market you work in, why not support that community by “gifting local style”! I live in a lovely city with more than 50 wineries! I know…how great is that!? So swinging by my?favorite local winery and picking up a few cases will definitely be appreciated by my clients.? What’s unique to your area?

(4) Gift it forward! – Sometimes the best gift is a donation of time or money for those who are in need! And there are plenty of local and national causes that need our help this year! So you may want to consider making a donation in your clients name. Create a card to send out to your sphere letting them know how together you helped the local food bank or perhaps brought clean drinking water to a village in Malawi.? Your “gift it forward” spirit may be contagious and your clients may want more information about the charity or cause. So, include a QR code (& or URL address) inside the card to direct your clients to a landing page on your blog.

(5) Picture’s worth 1000 words, or perhaps a referral! – There are more than a few digital photo frames out there! BUT, there’s one in particular that has its own email address and syncs with Facebook! So check out the photo frames from Kodak!??Since they come with their own email address, you could send holiday greetings and other seasonal image tips right into the homes of your clients! Reinvent drip marketing by sending image updates to your clients! Obviously, upon gifting you should disclose that from time to time you plan to send a fun photo greeting! FYI- These frames come in both 7″ and 10″ sizes.? The 7″ is actually on sale right now for $103. This is where you say, “Geez NikNik, I can’t afford spend that kind of cash on every client!”. Perhaps that’s true, or perhaps you understand the value of consistent messaging. ?At any rate, ?you could make it your new favorite closing gift!?Visit Kodak for more info on their suite of products for the real estate industry.

(6) Clients with kiddos! – Every year the Nicolay household builds and decorates our annual Gingerbread House! The kids love it, I love it, and all our family and friends that stop by during the holidays always admire our artistic creation! So yes…I’m telling you to gift your clients with kids the joy of gingerbread! Now since I’m a pro at this, you should know that the kits you get for $8 at Target are an awesome base to start with. They include the 4 walls, roof, icing, and crappy candy! So my suggestion would be to purchase these affordable kits but re-package them in your own lovely wrapping or basket. And while you’re at Target picking these kits up, raid their candy aisle for all the red, white, and green candy you can find! I usually score green mints, candy canes, holiday M & M’s, red vines, marshmallows, etc. I noticed they have super cute Hanukah sprinkles this year! Add additional baggies of GOOD candy to your new kit. You could even add hot cocoa mix for setting the mood for this holiday activity. AND for you creative types, use candy canes and business cards to make your own mini “For Sale” signs…for a most perfect topper on your gift!

(7) Recipe for success! – Lastly, if you happen to have one of THOSE recipes that just knocks our socks off…share it! Or better yet, make it! Every year the owners of my favorite sign post company (Fast Post) make the best holiday treat you’ve ever tasted….homemade Reese’ s Peanut Butter Cups! These little morsels from heaven are so good I hide them from Reggie and the kids! So this year…I’m hoping that when my little FastPost delivery is made, it comes with the recipe so that (a) I won’t feel bad after eating all of them and (b) I can make more and share the “yummy factor” at holiday parties with friends and family!


The holidays bring us a reminder to be thankful for the relationships we’ve cultivated throughout the year. So don’t miss this opportunity to reach out and connect with clients old and new! It may bring more than just good cheer…but perhaps new business in the coming year!

So there you have it…some of my most favorite gift ideas. I’m sure you have your own favorites…so feel free to add your ideas to the comments below! ?I’d love to hear how you make your clients smile during the holiday season!

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