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Adobe Lightroom: The Best Photo Solution

Photos are one of the most powerful tools a real estate agent has at their disposal. They help to tell the story of a listing or a community.

Whether printed, uploaded to Facebook, or added to a blog, images add an appeal that words alone simply can?t.

The key to effectively using photography isn?t in the camera. It is the software you use to organize, edit and share your pictures that will make the difference.

Photo software comes in many forms. Web-based systems like and free programs like Picasa offer easy-to-use, basic photo management tools. Advanced users can use Photoshop CS5, but at a hefty price tag and a steep learning curve. [Read more…]


Death of a Salesman: Marketing without an Online Hub

It’s not a new concept by any means, but yet it’s still not being utilized by the majority of real estate agents. I’m referring to the most important aspect of your marketing plan for 2011…you’re online hub.

You know, the place where you share your expertise, showcase your listings, and deliver relevant content. The place that helps:

(1) your sphere stay up to date with your market,

(2) potential clients get the information they need to take the next step, and

(3) makes current clients extremely happy they chose to work with you because clearly, you know how to facilitate interest in their home and community!

And finally, the place that makes having an online marketing strategy make sense. Yes that place is your Website, but in 2011 that place should be your WordPress blog site. [Read more…]


Powered By WordPress 3.0

Reading NikNik’s recent post on the MTO redesign takes me back to a lot of great times in blogging. It also reminds me of a lot of the challenges we faced in being early adopters of the WordPress platform.

Many times, our vision didn?t coincide with the current technology. That is when having a ?mad scientist? like Reggie came in handy. He would always find a way to introduce new features that amazed us.

By 2010, the world of WordPress had caught up to our vision in a lot of ways. The problem was, MyTechOpinion was built on such a highly customized template, that taking advantage of advancements in WordPress was getting difficult. [Read more…]