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How-To: Write a GOOD Hyperlocal Blog Post

This post is dedicated to those of you with good blogging intentions. You know who you are. You started that community focused blog that everyone told you would be an instant hit, but now the blog is live and you haven?t written much of anything at all.

It?s all good?every blogger (aka ?Content Creator?) has glared at the computer monitor trying to recall a post idea only to allow yourself to be distracted by the dog, the kids, the glass of wine. Becoming a content creator is tough (at first), so here are a few tips that may make the process of writing your next community-focused post much easier. [Read more…]


HootSuite: Custom Social Media Analytical Reports

I?m always looking to generate meaningful analytics from my social media activities. These analytics help me to understand what?s working, what?s not working, and notice trends I otherwise may have missed. In my arsenal, I have Google analytics and Clicky on the blog metrics side, Facebook Insights for Facebook and use Lithium for Twitter. But having aggregated views with a consistent look and feel of reporting would be a welcomed benefit!

Last week I started playing around with HootSuite?s new Custom Social Media Reporting module; and I was pleasantly surprised by it?s flexibility. The report builder includes over 30 individual report modules; allowing you pick the metrics you?re interested in tracking. Then once I had a finished product, sharing the report is a snap. [Read more…]


CardMunch: The Handy Solution to Business Card Overload

It?s certainly not a stretch to say that business cards are broken. It?s not that they don?t work at all, but think about it?business cards haven?t changed with the times. We still hand out this paper card that needs to be digitized and entered into a database. In recent years we?ve seen many technologies attempt to ?fix? the transfer of contact information?we had ?beaming??then mobile apps like Bump, and a wide variety of business card scanners. But each has had its own set of problems. With Bump, the other party needs to be using the software, and of course have it setup properly. Mobile card scanners were a great idea, but to get 100% accuracy they proved very labor intensive.

That?s all changed with CardMunch from LinkedIn! This powerful iPhone app has quickly become one of my favorites. Its business benefit is huge, and right now you can download the app for free. (Android and Blackberry Users: CardMunch says they have a version for you coming soon.) [Read more…]