What the Girl Scouts Taught Me about Content Distribution

Every year I count on the little neighbor girl to stop by with her Girl Scout Cookie order form so that I can place my ridiculous order of Thin Mints and Tagalongs?and then I wait (for months it seems) for them to finally arrive. This year I got the knock at the door?but no order form! The cookie boxes were right there?immediate gratification?no ordering, no waiting!

Clearly the Girl Scouts, being the savvy salesgirls they are, embarked on a new distribution strategy for their delectables this year! My little neighbor not only informed me I could purchase cookies on the spot, but also introduced me to their new iPhone app in case I needed to locate more in the near future. She even gave me her card that included a link to her troop?s Website and email newsletter! ?Now I can get all the news and tips I need to suffice all my cookie cravings!

Go Girl Scouts! They get it! They recognized the need to update their distribution strategy to better meet the needs of their targets. So I ask you?when was the last time you updated your distribution strategy?!

If you are carefully crafting your marketing message and uniquely relevant content, you should be placing that same effort into how you share the message and content with your network. ?Blindly blanketed your networks with the same postings is not only annoying, but completely ineffective.

When you post an article to your own Website, your goal should be to utilize channels like Facebook, Twitter or email to drive your targets back to the cookies (I mean the source of the content). When you have something delicious to share that folks want and you consistently tease them (in an informative fashion) you are positioning yourself as the source of the cookies. If I want more cookies?I KNOW where to go to get more!

But this strategy can fail quickly from 2 major mis-steps posting in our favorite networks?(1) treating every network exactly the same AND (2) the set it and forget it mentality.

Depending upon the communication channels you participate in, posting or sharing your relevant content will involve different nuances that shouldn?t be taken for granted.

Don?t Treat Facebook Like it?s Twitter, & Vice Versa

When you post your blog article to Facebook, be sure to include the link back to your site (which will usually pull in the image and description associated with the post). Then add your own commentary?giving us a reason to want to click the link and read more. Ask a question, share an important aspect of the article or one suggestion?but never recap the entire article or say, ?check this out, or click here for more info?.? FYI: saying ?check this out? as your commentary is about as exciting as when someone comments on your post with ?thanks for sharing?.

When you post your blog article to Twitter using the title can be simple and effective, but don?t forget to add a short URL directing folks back to your site. If you plan to re-post that article during different times of the day or during the week, I suggest mixing it up. Tweet an enticing quote from your article or highlight one specific tip but allude to more.

Don?t Set It & Forget It

Just because you have a distribution strategy doesn?t mean you?re off the hook when it comes to responding. Whether you post to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or send via email?be sure you have the proper notifications set so that you can get back to those who engage with your content.? That is the goal after all?.to provide your expertise to those who need it and want it. And if those targeted folks are engaging with your expertise don?t drop the ball by missing opportunities to answer questions, provide additional assistance or take the online engagement?offline!


Take a cue from the Girl Scouts! Modify your distribution strategy if you know you could be delivering delicious cookies to your targets in a more effective manner.

If you don?t have a distribution strategy, it?s time you did. ?And if you need help establishing your own content management hub online, talk to us! Agent Evolution can ROCK you a WordPress site or Facebook Page to better market your real estate business, expertise and listings online.


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