Weapon of Choice: Dashter

I have a new “weapon of choice” when it comes to curating relevant content and engaging with those in your network that find it extremely useful. It’s called Dashter. It’s a social content dashboard of sorts, but really…it’s much more!

Dashter was recently launched by some incredibly smart folks, one of which I’m lucky enough to call a friend…that would be Jeff Turner. I’ve known Jeff for many years as a well-voiced blogger, poignant?speaker, innovative?entrepreneur and he’s not too bad on the dance floor!

Now?I could skip right to telling you how to use it. Which might get you to try it, for a bit, before throwing your hands up in frustration over the latest shiny object. Or, I could just tell you why I love this new tool, and why you should too. Which might actually get you to use it with delight or better yet… make it your own social content “weapon of choice”.

If you utilize your WordPress site as your content hub for your expertise and business online and you rock Twitter as a key communication spoke…then you will understand the value in Dashter immediately. After installing this handy plugin you’ll be excited to see Twitter fully integrated within the WordPress admin, giving you one place to curate and create content…while also cultivating new relationships.

Post setup, I found myself listening more closely to those who have similar interests, as well as the folks that truly enjoy the type of content I share. So I was encouraged to be their “Little Helper” with Dashter’s Queue and Bookmarketlet features which enable the user to drip content consistently.

Another reason Dashter rocks is that I can easily manage my own content sharing, while also curating content found elsewhere right here on my own WordPress site. ?Actually, while writing this post I was also tweeting with Jeff about another “Weapon of Choice” via Fatboy Slim :


nik_nikNicole Nicolay – @nik_nik
@jeffturner I was sending bday dance grams w/ Vanilla Ice & Scooby Do but you were really hoping for #weaponofchoice?

jeffturnerJeff Turner – @jeffturner
@nik_nik yes. Yes, I was. 🙂

nik_nikNicole Nicolay – @nik_nik
@jeffturner Is that because YOUR VOICE is your #weaponofchoice or just because you like dancing to the rockin’ beat of the song?

jeffturnerJeff Turner – @jeffturner
@nik_nik I like watching the video. 🙂


So you know a few reasons why I love Dashter now. Oh wait…I almost forgot the most important one…it’s FUN! And if you’re not for making what you do more fun everyday…then you’re reading the wrong blog.

And since you’re still here…I’ll take a guess you’re all about loving what you do…and doing what you love. ?So I want to invite you to register for “Bringing the FUN Back to Blogging”, a FREE 30 minute Webinar, this Wedneday April 25th, 11am PST. I’ll be your happy host, eager to interview Jeff Turner and show you how and why you might want to install the Dashter plugin on your own WordPress site.


If you think “weapon of choice” sounds a bit defensive. It is. You don’t have to look for too long on any social channel these days to find self serving and spammy content headed your way. But that doesn’t mean you have to indulge them, or worse, engage in that way. Instead, you could arm yourself with something that helps you cut the crap….your own voice. ?Remember what you post…and how you interact online defines who you are, just as your physical actions do in the “real world”. ?So let your voice be heard with content rich in relevance, delivered with purpose, to those people who seek it and really appreciate it.

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Nicole Nicolay "@nik_nik" is Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Agent Evolution, and author of "WordPress for Real Estate: From Static to Standout". Her passion is educating real estate professionals on how to generate business by integrating both new and traditional channels of marketing. She is also co-founder and editor of, where she's been blogging about real estate technology since 2005. Nicole was named one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate for 2010, Top 10 Most Fearless Women Online & in Social Media for 2011, and 2012's Top 30 Women in Social Media in the world.