Get Free Advice on Writing for the Web

Writing for the WebIf you are like me, writing is not your forte. Maybe it is, but you could use some advice on writing specifically for the internet.

Well, I have stumbled upon a great, free resource for you. At least those of you with an iPhone or iPad.

In the iTunes U app is a mini-podcast series from the University of Glasgow. The series is called Writing for the Web.

This course is brilliant and will change the way you write web pages, blog posts and even email campaigns. It teaches you how people read differently online than in print, how to set your tone and structure the page.

It is hard to believe that you can get such great writing advice in less than 30 minutes.

Watch the series and then go through your website page-by-page. Ask yourself the questions presented in Part 2 of the series. You will quickly identify how your web copy can be improved upon.



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