WordPress Jetpack Adds Photo Service

Do you wish that your real estate website loaded faster? Of course you do. No one wants a slow website.

WordPress has released a?free service that will help you in your quest to turbo-charge your website.

This new service is called Photon and it is part of the Jetpack plugin by WordPress.?Photon is a CDN for photos on websites.

For those not familiar with a CDN, it stands for “content distribution network”. Essentially, it is a bunch of servers across the globe that store identical copies of a website’s content. When someone visits that website, the server that is physically closest to that ?person will deliver the content. That makes for much faster load times as the data doesn’t have to travel as far.

Installing Photon on your WordPress website means that copies of your website’s photographs will be stored on servers across the globe. When someone visits your site, your web host will deliver the website files at the same time that Photon delivers the photos.?The end result is a much faster loading website.

While Photon isn’t a complete CDN (like Amazon Cloudfront), it does address a major cause of slow website loading. ?Best of all, it is easy to install and completely free.

About Chad A. Johnson

Chad A. Johnson is the President/COO of Agent Evolution, a social media education and WordPress web design firm. Through his multiple roles at Agent Evolution, Chad stays on top of the latest in WordPress development and business operations technology. Allow him to share WordPress tweaks, cloud computing services, and much more through his MTO posts.