Call-To-Action Buttons Made Easy

Want to add eye-catching call-to-action buttons on your WordPress website without touching Photoshop? Check out Max Buttons Pro. [Read more…]


A lot of buzz about the upcoming WordPress 3.5 is that Links (Blogroll) will be disabled by default. This topic brought me back to 2007 [Read more…]


Wish you could work with your Google Docs easily from an iPhone or iPad? Check out GoDocs for Google Docs, Google Drive. The $4.99 is a bit steep for an app, but it is worth every penny for an avid Google Docs user.


A To-Do List For All Platforms

WunderlistAre you a list writer? So am I. I create to-do lists for daily chores, business tasks, even long term projects.

Have tried countless to-do list and reminder systems, but none met my 2 requirements:

  1. Has to work on every platform I use
  2. Has to allow for multiple lists (don’t want personal and business tasks combined) [Read more…]

SEO Plugins for WordPress

Yoast has changed the face of SEO for WordPress twice in the last few months. First was the release of the free plugin, WordPress SEO by Yoast. Now, he has released a premium plugin,?Video SEO for WordPress. [Read more…]


Quirky Cordies

Quirky CordiesDon’t know what I ever did without this little gadget. No more fishing behind the desk for cords that fell. Pick a Quirky Cordies up at your local Target or Staples.


Found this matrix really helpful when identifying which features will be added to your existing Apple device with the iOS 6 upgrade.

Just updated 2 iPhone 4S and 2 New iPads to the latest operating system. Each upgrade had issues. My advice, backup before upgrading and do it when time and patience are abundant.


Spreadsheets on an iPhone?

Was recently presented with a technology question from one of our WordPress website clients that sparked my interest. So much so that it warranted a blog post on the topic.

This real estate agent is in a situation that is very common. In her average day, she uses a Windows PC, an Apple laptop, an iPhone and an iPad. Working with so many different platforms is creating a real challenge.

She has tried several cloud based solutions, like Google Docs, but they all have fallen short. Mainly because she needs to edit Excel spreadsheets from any of her devices.

The Solution

We have run into similar problems with the operations of Agent Evolution. Actually multiplied as we not have different platforms, but also multiple people working with files.

Thank goodness for Dropbox.

By storing all of our business files in a Dropbox folder, everything is in the cloud. Securely stored with access to past versions. Plus, we have the ability to share files with other Dropbox users (great for teams).

Add a file to your Windows PC and it will sync with the Dropbox folder on your Apple laptop. No effort needed. It has literally made thumbdrives obsolete for us. [Read more…]