5 Simple Tips for Improving Facebook Communication

As I?m sure you and the rest of the world are aware of, Facebook recently made some major changes with Pages and Settings. Some of these new updates have greatly improved the way we communicate on the platform we know and LOVE! So I thought I?d share a few tips for using these new features, as well as a few of my favorite ways to keep the conversation flowing! [Read more…]


Death of a Salesman: Marketing without an Online Hub

It’s not a new concept by any means, but yet it’s still not being utilized by the majority of real estate agents. I’m referring to the most important aspect of your marketing plan for 2011…you’re online hub.

You know, the place where you share your expertise, showcase your listings, and deliver relevant content. The place that helps:

(1) your sphere stay up to date with your market,

(2) potential clients get the information they need to take the next step, and

(3) makes current clients extremely happy they chose to work with you because clearly, you know how to facilitate interest in their home and community!

And finally, the place that makes having an online marketing strategy make sense. Yes that place is your Website, but in 2011 that place should be your WordPress blog site. [Read more…]


MTO v.3…I’m “IN”

It?s been a long time in the making, but we?re happy to welcome you to MTO v3! Can I get a ?woohoo??!

And since so much has changed in the blogosphere since Reggie first conceptualized and created MTO back in 2005, I thought it might be nice to look back over the last 5 years. [Read more…]


The Art of Social Listing Exposure

If you’re looking for the article that tells you how to blast your listings out to everyone on the Web, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for the article that gives you a list of all the Facebook apps that auto-post listings to your business page or wall…this still isn’t it. But if you want to know how to share your listings in a socially engaging manner on Facebook or even Twitter…then you indeed came to just the right place!

Nearly every time I teach a Facebook class to real estate professionals there is usually one agent who asks (right from the beginning), “How do I post my listings to my wall or tab?” And my reply is most often not the answer, but a question, “If you’re a consumer do you start your search for a home inside Facebook?” (Usual reply: “uh no”) Yep…that’s what I thought.

[Read more…]


What The New Facebook Profiles & Staging Homes Have in Common

So? tonight as I watched the new Facebook Profile being unmasked during 60 minutes, I realized I was both excited and nervous to take a peek for myself. ?I headed on over to check it out and quickly recognized the prompt guiding me through the update. If you haven’t seen that prompt, you can get the ball rolling here.

Once upgraded I experienced the happy delight of a new vantage point…exactly the same high I get when rearranging furniture. Yes, I enjoy the familiar comfort of my living spaces, but it’s always refreshing and energizing to update the design and functionality in my home. Same goes for Facebook Profiles…really! So here’s what I like so far…and what might take some getting used to: [Read more…]


7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Real Estate Clients

The holidays usually bring fun, food, family, and friends together….and also an opportunity to stay top of mind with our clients. I’m sure you’re already thinking about sending holiday cards or looking for that perfect gift that will bring smiles to all your clients. ?But let’s face it, different clients will appreciate different gifts. That’s not to say you need to purchase individual gifts for all your clients. However, I do think we can apply the same “relevancy” factor we bring to our online content….to our offline gifts.

For example, I would LOVE it if my agent sent me a card including a list of the most helpful apps for home improvement, design, etc. Apps excite me, I love them…but not everyone has an iPhone or Droid or is geek enough to appreciate the value of these apps! I mean, c’mon…who doesn’t love?Red Laser! But alas…we need to think outside ourselves and that is why I have put together some ideas that may have you basking in relaxation instead of running around crazy on Black Friday. [Read more…]


The Secret to Being the BEST Possible YOU?ONLINE!

You hear it again…and again and again. When it comes to developing your Web presence you have to be “authentic”…you have to be “the real you”. You know, be the same person online that you are offline. That’s what all the gurus will reiterate…and they’re right.

But let’s face it…not all of us are really THAT interesting? Or are we? Have you taken the time to really digest what makes YOU…YOU?! And are you sharing what makes YOU…YOU in the best possible way. I challenge you to take minute and examine your finer points. What are your interests? What are your strengths? What knowledge base do you possess, and could potentially share it in a more helpful way with your sphere!? Well, don’t tell me… make a list and have it handy! [Read more…]


Social Media Mojo, Tools Baby?Yeah!

Are you feeling groovy today? Yes, no?maybe so, well let me share a little of my social media mojo with you then! I put together the following presentation recently to share some of my favorite Web and mobile solutions for finding, creating, and sharing content via your favorite social channels.

In addition, you?ll notice I provided tips for ?best practices? with these tools! And as if 20 tools aren?t enough to help you shake your groove thing?I scored 12 more ?agent picks? from some of your favorite colleagues in the! Special thanks to @RealtorTed, @LesleyLambert, @Hermanity, @DaleChumbley, @PasadenaViews, @skynnard, @TLCHome,?@mindyg, and @goingbigger!

So here they are baby…. [Read more…]