I’m Bringing Comments Back?

Alright, so I’m not bring comments back, but Mailchimp sure is with their new WordPress plug-in for improving comments. If you?re a blogger, you?ll probably agree that receiving comments can be a wonderful thing. Personally, I enjoy the engagement, the dialog, the understanding of how people are interpreting my content. The problem is that comments themselves have evolved. They don?t just take place on the blog; they take place on social media sites across the net. The challenge has become how to accurately represent that widespread conversation at the post level? [Read more…]


Google Authorship Markup and the Beginning of Visual Search Cues

Recently Google announced they were piloting a program to start presenting author information in organic search results. As this feature is beginning to gradually roll out, I?m struck by what a huge opportunity this could be for real estate practitioners. Imagine having your quality content displaying to locals via search, with your avatar included directly to the right.

Here is an example of what we?re talking about:

Authorship Markup is essentially a way for Google to connect authors with the content they create and then show what I’m calling Visual Search Cues in the organic results. ?This is all done by using HTML5 microformats such as the rel=”me” and rel=”author” tags to identify your content. [Read more…]


HootSuite: Custom Social Media Analytical Reports

I?m always looking to generate meaningful analytics from my social media activities. These analytics help me to understand what?s working, what?s not working, and notice trends I otherwise may have missed. In my arsenal, I have Google analytics and Clicky on the blog metrics side, Facebook Insights for Facebook and use Lithium for Twitter. But having aggregated views with a consistent look and feel of reporting would be a welcomed benefit!

Last week I started playing around with HootSuite?s new Custom Social Media Reporting module; and I was pleasantly surprised by it?s flexibility. The report builder includes over 30 individual report modules; allowing you pick the metrics you?re interested in tracking. Then once I had a finished product, sharing the report is a snap. [Read more…]


CardMunch: The Handy Solution to Business Card Overload

It?s certainly not a stretch to say that business cards are broken. It?s not that they don?t work at all, but think about it?business cards haven?t changed with the times. We still hand out this paper card that needs to be digitized and entered into a database. In recent years we?ve seen many technologies attempt to ?fix? the transfer of contact information?we had ?beaming??then mobile apps like Bump, and a wide variety of business card scanners. But each has had its own set of problems. With Bump, the other party needs to be using the software, and of course have it setup properly. Mobile card scanners were a great idea, but to get 100% accuracy they proved very labor intensive.

That?s all changed with CardMunch from LinkedIn! This powerful iPhone app has quickly become one of my favorites. Its business benefit is huge, and right now you can download the app for free. (Android and Blackberry Users: CardMunch says they have a version for you coming soon.) [Read more…]


How-To: Add an iFrame to Your Facebook Page as a Tab

With Facebook?s recent changes to page tabs, there’s been some confusion about what is, and what is not possible. This post is to clarify what changes Facebook has made, and show MTO readers how to easily take advantage of the new methods for creating page tabs.

On February 10, 2011?Facebook announced page admins could start using iFrames as page tabs, displaying a maximum of 8 tabs at any one time. To see more than the default 8 tabs, users need to click “More” below the last tab to reveal anything hidden. Facebook also announced they were going to deprecate FBML and FBJS as the primary technologies for building Facebook apps. As of March 11, 2011, Facebook users will no longer be able to create new FBML apps and pages will no longer be able to add the Static FBML app. [Read more…]

post Your New Favorite Screen Sharing Tool

Over the last few years we’ve covered many different screen sharing technologies.? Some were bloated with heavy installs and others had the perfect feature set but were over-priced for the average real estate agent. Today we have an option that may just bridge the gap perfectly. Introducing, a FREE and simple screen sharing tool that can support a variety of needs whether you’re holding ?a virtual office meeting with peers, reviewing homes with an out-of-town buyer, or even going over contract details with a busy seller.

Really? So how is different?

My biggest complaint about online meeting software is that typically the install feels overly complicated and users need to keep track of ID’s and passwords.? simplifies all that by allowing meeting owners to easily share one thing–the meeting URL.? The people you invite are not asked for anything…no email, no username…they simply click the link you’ve shared. ?As for compatibility, both PC’s and Mac’s are good to go. employs Flash player 10 found in any of the current browsers. [Read more…]


dsIDXPress: Search Engine Friendly IDX

If you?re not already aware of Diverse Solutions?.you should be. These guys have some serious cool factor and have been driving innovation with their dsSearchAgent Pro IDX for years now. ?Recently they unleashed a beta of a long awaited ?indexable? IDX plug-in for WordPress. ?And today they?ve ripped off that BETA label!

What does this mean for you?

It means your real estate blog can now have the functionality of a highly custom site with search engine friendly IDX data. dsIDXPress is released with special introductory pricing of $99.95 setup and $29.95 a month. That is an introductory offer and will go up over time.

And for the most part the plug-in is compliant in all markets they cover with the exception of a couple of the more strict MLSs. If you have any questions or comments about compliance reach out to them here.? Let?s take a look at a few ways to implement dsIDXPress.

[Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 12: Qik

About Qik:

A few weeks back we were excited to hear Ustream was approved for the iTunes app store. At the time, it seemed obvious Qik would follow suite and make a move for approval. Well it?s happened; Qik (version 4.40)streaming video service has been officially approved by the app store and is now ready to download.

This smooth application lets you to stream videos right from your iPhone.? If you don?t already have a Qik account, simply create one after downloading the application and you?re ready to start shooting video in public or private mode. If you choose private you?ll control who sees the video by sending various parties a direct link from SMS or email.

[Read more…]