MTO Liveblogs REBarCampSF & The Inman Connect!

It’s here! One crazy week in real estate! Tomorrow, REBarCampSF registration begins at 8am and the event will officially kickoff at 9am. This promises to be an exciting day of learning, sharing and connecting!

On Wednesday, the Inman Connect will get underway. I KNOW for a fact that there are some exciting presentations planned to rock the RE industry. And there may even be a little dancing…that is, if I can call upon the Inman attendees for a bit of encouragement (not for me, but Reggie may need a nudge).

MTO will be in full effect at these events and plan to share the latest happenings whether you can make it or not! Reggie has hooked us up so that we can “Cover It Live”, Chad will be snapping photos like nobody’s business, and you can count on me for some video tweets. [Read more…]


Twitter Rolls Out “Saved Searches” to the Twitmasses!

Twitter has been integrating Search.Twitter (formerly Summize) for some time now. I first noticed the search tool and “Saved Searches” features about a month ago. However, it seemed like Twitter was taking it’s time rolling this new search tool out to all it’s users. ?You may have already observed the trending topics and search bar that have taken up residency on your Twitter Profile. But now you can search a topic or specific keywords, and then add each search to your sidebar as a “Saved Search”.

Other applications like Tweetdeck and Tweetie have integrated various search and sorting tools already, but now you can search and monitor directly from your Twitter Web Profile. And the experience seems to be fast and easy thus far!

If you are currently monitoring specific keywords (i.e. your business name, your name, expertise, local interests, etc) with alerting services like Twilert and Tweetbeep, then you’ll quickly identify the benefit of this new Twitter feature! If not, this is the perfect introductory tool to keep you in the “know” when it comes to what Tweeps & Twits are saying about you and your business. [Read more…]


MyMarketWare Unleashes Even More Market Power!

We don’t do much in the way of self promotion here on MTO. But we do think you should be aware of an extremely affordable marketing tool that has our stamp of approval. MyMarketWare is product offering from Effektive Solutions. It’s a single property Website solution that offers a myriad of features that can assist you in attaining maximum online exposure for your listings. And at only $39 a pop ($32 with coupon code: mtoagent), MarketSites are an obvious choice to increase your online listing visibility, impress your sellers, and market real estate more effectively! We are happy to announce a significant upgrade, bringing you even more market power for the same low price!

New features include:

(1) MarketSites to go! Download any single property Website created by MyMarketWare for offline use.? Showcase your online listings during a listing presentation or copy any of your MarketSites to a CD for a thoughtful closing gift.

(2) Enhanced sign riders made from corrugated plastic provide increased durability for all type of weather conditions.? Sign riders cost $22 with reduced shipping time at no extra cost!

(3) FREE SMS texting service! I’m not naming names….but some SPS solutions will charge you as much as $25 per listing per month for this service. ?But MyMarketWare will provide you with unlimited SMS texting service free to go hand and hand with each and every sign rider! Incoming leads are circulated in real time to the listing agent’s mobile phone as well as via the “Activity Center”. [Read more…]


What?s YOUR Twitter Success Story?

Twitter, tweet, twit, Twinkle, Tweetie, Tweetdeck, TwtVite, Twinfluence, Twitbacks, TwtPoll, TweetGrid, Tweetag….what’s all this “TWALK” about?

Download your FREE copy of the “Twitter for Real Estate Twits” ebook and allow me to break it down for you! In fact, I cover everything from setting up your Twitter account to strategies for becoming your client’s trusted advisor!

If you’re already a seasoned Twit, then I want to hear from YOU! I’ll be creating an updated version of the ebook. Actually I plan to add to it yearly, keeping it freshly stocked with tools, apps, strategies and more. But for now, I’m looking to add one more chapter that will include success stories from REAL estate professionals. If you’ve had successes large or small with Twitter, tell me about it.? Submit your Twitter Success Story, but you must meet these guidelines: [Read more…]


How Do I Love Thee?Let Me Dance the Ways!

WE LOVE YOU! Well, we love our loyal MTO readers and community members! Thanks for sharing your love with us every day via your comments, thoughts, ideas, suggestions…and most of all, support!? We’re also very thankful that you love technology as much as we do. But it’s time to get off the computer (for just a moment) and share some love (and your best moves) with those around you! So we made you this Valentine Dance Gram! Hope you enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day from MyTechOpinion!

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7 Real Estate Events Worth Attending in 2009

Of course we can’t go to every real estate conference taking place this year. But we can plan ahead for events that may be coming to your local area. Or better yet, plan for a vacation-learning experience. I may be a bit biased being in California, but San Francisco and San Diego make for great destinations! Here’s the lowdown on all the valuable upcoming real estate conferences….all are worth attending! Which one(s) are you planning for?

REBarCamp Seattle One day event for passionate real estate professionals who are hungry to learn and share creative and effective marketing ideas and industry trends. When: Feb 13th, 2009 Where: Zillow Corporate Headquarters, Seattle

RETechSouth – Real conversations about the technological changes impacting the real estate industry. Some of the best minds in the industry will gather in one room to share their knowledge. ?When: March 20th 2009, Where: Gwinnet Center, Atlanta

REBarCamp Los Angeles – If you missed Seattle, don’t worry REBarCampLA is a great day for agents looking to get started with social media marketing and other creative online and offline strategies for growing your business. When: April 2nd ,2009 Where: Location TBA [Read more…]


Cyberhomes Blog?NOT Your Run of the Mill

Our very own Reggie Nicolay helped officially launched today.? Reggie hasn’t wasted anytime jumping into his new role as Director of Social Media for Cyberhomes. Yes, I may be a bit biased since I’m married to the guy. But the Cyberhomes Blog is more than just your run of the mill industry blog. Reggie practices what he preaches here on MTO, by demonstrating how design, content and social media strategies can make for a powerful and insightful online community.

Upon first glance, you’ll notice that Reggie integrated Facebook Connect, like what we’ve done here at MTO. ?FB Connect allows you to port your Facebook Profile right into the Cyberhomes Blog Community. This makes participating an optimal experience! You control your profile settings and how your comments and other resources are shared. [Read more…]


Best of MyTechOpinion ? 2008

Well, 2008 was a wild ride for us here at MTO. Reggie found himself in a new job, Director of Social Media at Cyberhomes. Chad’s budding blog business boomed (you know how I love good alliteration)! And I took home a Major Award (sorry, too many viewings of A Christmas Story). Well, let’s just say it’s nice to be recognized for working hard. And a little recognition, along with overwhelming support from readers like you, is all the motivation we need to take MTO to the next level in 2009!

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve already begun tweaking MyTechOpinion.? Even the slightest nuance is important to us (just check out our comment stream). We will keep you posted on the new additions coming your way…starting with our latest add, Facebook Connect. Join the MyTechOpinion community and take advantage of the perks… like the ability to add all your social networks to comments made on MTO posts.

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