Meet the Bloggers at NAR

Technology for Real Estate heads to Vegas! If you are planning to attend the NAR Expo in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by Booth #3444 and ?Meet the Bloggers?! Damon Pace from Incredible Agent will be hosting an event to spotlight some recognizable real estate bloggers in an informal question and answer format. I?m thrilled to be on the schedule for Thursday at 4pm. So please join us! For more information visit Mike?s Corner.

Where: IncredibleAgent.Com Booth #3444 NAR Expo, Sands Convention Center Las Vegas

When: Wed 11 / 13 and Thursday 11 / 14


Real Estate Bloggers Participate In Blog Action Day

If you have been thinking about ways in which you can make a positive environmental impact, then I have a simple suggestion for you?.participate in Blog Action Day.

What is Blog Action Day?
On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite by publishing posts which call attention to our environment. Major blogs have signed up to participate, including Lifehacker, Dumb Little Man, and Real Estate blog friends include: RE Revealed, Agent Solutions and Every Kid Deserves a Yard.

How can I get involved in Blog Action Day?
The best way to participate is to publish a post on your blog which relates to an aspect of our environment that you are passionate about. For example, if your blog focuses on real estate technology then write about a new technology which makes real estate more environmentally friendly, or perhaps sustainable real estate practices. There are numerous articles on the web about real estate going green. Or check out the following ideas:

  1. Smart Home Improvement
  2. Products and services for an eco-friendly household
  3. Realtors Go Green (businesses making a difference in their local area)
  4. Homeowners Go Green: tips real people can do to make a difference everyday
  5. Green architecture and changes made in housing developments
  6. The Green Commute: lessening your fuel impact on the environment
  7. The Green Roof: Urban dwellings establish green roof system
  8. Solar Powered Credit for Homeowners offered by PG&E
  9. Local Threatened or Endangered Species
  10. Developers face eco-friendly rules for building

Register your blog
Before writing your post I urge you to visit to learn more about this environmental call to action, as well as register your blog. The site is keeping track of all the blogs that have committed to participating. Visit to register.

Other things you can do
You can also participate in Blog Action Day by posting a banner on your site or by donating your day?s blog earnings to an environmental charity of your choice.


JIBJAB?Just Plain Laughs

Well, it?s raining out here in California at the moment. And my big plans for the weekend are now waterlogged. Fortunately, my sense of humor is in check thanks to my friend Sarah. She sent me a hilarious ?Starring You!? movie from JibJab. Who doesn?t want to see themselves shakin? it like Carmen Miranda?! I love this site, and spent some serious time on it creating ?Starring You!? movies with all my friends and family!

These short custom movies are great for any special event or ?just for fun?! Creating is a fast and easy process. And then you have the choice to email or embed your movie on your blog, Facebook, etc. Besides movies, JibJab has an array of funny material guaranteed for laughs. You can also upload your own jokes and view others. Now you may not want to use this service for your next listing presentation, but you never know when you?ll be called upon to brighter someone?s damp day. Check out my JibJab movie below. (Special thanks to Todd Carpenter, Joe Ferrara, and Jim Kimmons?.you boys have some sweet moves!)


Know any real estate bloggers?

Well, we sure do now! The MyTechOpinion team made their way across the bay to take part in the Inman Bloggers Connect festivities and conference. The usual suspects were present (Reggie, Chad, & myself). But in hopes of turning my business partner (and virgin blogger) onto blogging, I brought along my collaborator in crime, Sarah.

We arrived at the Beers & Bloggers party at the Thirsty Bear in San Francisco to find the shindig in full swing. There wasn?t much room to really work the crowd, so we corralled ourselves into a little corner up front and considered ourselves greeters. At any rate, it turned out to be a great spot, as Louis Cammarosano from HomeGain was the first to connect with us. As we suspected, Joe and Rudy from Sellsius, were a kick in the pants?literally!!! We enjoyed a few ?small world? realizations as Trulia?s Jamie Glenn and I appreciated our hometown charm gone wild, and Pat Kitano and Sarah initiated a high school reunion for 2!

Joe and Rudy offered us a ride on the BlogTour bus to the Trulia party at John Colins ?but we passed after they said Sarah could drive. After arriving safely (via Bill the taxi man), things turned dangerously hot upstairs with condo kings Tony from CondoDomain and Adam from Canada was well represented with pro bloggers Stephen and Mike of Ubertor, and Sara and Sheldon of The Edmonton Real Estate Blog. A special thanks to Stephen, as his out of town insistence on after party hot spot, The Clift, proved to be one memorable evening.

As for the conference the following day, we found Mary McKnight?s advice and tips to be on point. So I?m sure you?ll be seeing a lot more questions for post titles here in the future. Overall, it was great experience for enthusiastic real estate bloggers of any level. Sarah (our virgin blogger) came away with enough helpful information and inspiration to want to jump into the blogosphere with both feet! I?m sure she?ll have a few friends along the way to support her.
See more photos here.


Real Estate Bloggers Connect in San Francisco

Are you going to Bloggers Connect?

Just a reminder that the Inman Bloggers Connect Conference is fast approaching, so don?t miss this opportunity to meet and connect with real estate bloggers from around the globe! The main conference portion of this event takes place August 1 from 8:30-3:00 (Palace Hotel, SF), with topics including Finding Your Voice, Monetizing Your Blog, Show Me the Leads, Blogs and Social Networking, and more. You will also hear tips from top bloggers, as well as find out Project Blogger winners. So if you haven?t marked your calendars yet, you will undoubtedly do so to attend the party of the summer, Beer with Bloggers, July 31. Don?t miss this fabulous networking occasion where you?ll finally be able to meet your fellow bloggers face to face, and enjoy some refreshing beverages. So, will we see YOU there?

Click here to register.


5-7 pm – Beer with Bloggers


8:30- 9:15 – Finding Your Voice
9:15-10:00 – Monetizing Your Blog
10:00-11:00 – Keynote: Sitting in the eye of a media storm: The Inside Story
11:00-11:45 – Show Me the Leads
11:45-12:30 – Blogs & Social Networking: Creating Virtual Communities
12:30-1:00 – Lunch Break
1:00-1:45 – Pump Up the Volume with Widgets, Blidgets & other Doo-Dads
2:00-2:15 – Project Blogger Winners Revealed
2:15-3:00 – 10 Tips from Top Bloggers


Happy 4th of July from MyTechOpinion

Normally, we stick to straight tech talk here, but we couldn?t help sharing our 4th of July rafting excursion! Our fellow blog contributor and great friend, Chad Johnson, celebrated his 34th birthday aboard the ?Grey Goose? raft, as we called her. We spent the day floating down a local river with 16 other rafting enthusiasts and conquered the water wars! Chad took on the role of river guide extraordinaire and bucket bomber. Reggie led us into battle with his super commando sneak attacks. As for me, I got a great tan and made sure that everyone was well hydrated. BTW-A Water Cannon beats a Super Soaker any day?.and a bucket beats ?em all! Hope you enjoy the pics!


Yankee Blog Swap

Mary McKnight has put together the Yankee Blog Swap. As part of the fun Ubertor?s Steve Jagger will post here on December 19th, 2006. It should be lots of FUN?Stay Tuned!