neighborhoodYou were smart enough to choose WordPress for your professional real estate website, so don’t miss opportunities to convert nosy neighbors into clients. Learn how to set up local landing pages with the relevant info your targets want and need.



responsive_web_designNeed a few compelling reasons to update your website to a responsive design? How about 11 reasons…starting with one mindblowing stat:

“91% of US citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7. And they are checking their phones an average of 150x a day!”

Hold on for a sec…I need to check my phone!



WordPress Jetpack Adds Photo Service

Do you wish that your real estate website loaded faster? Of course you do. No one wants a slow website.

WordPress has released a?free service that will help you in your quest to turbo-charge your website.

This new service is called Photon and it is part of the Jetpack plugin by WordPress.?Photon is a CDN for photos on websites. [Read more…]


Get Free Advice on Writing for the Web

Writing for the WebIf you are like me, writing is not your forte. Maybe it is, but you could use some advice on writing specifically for the internet.

Well, I have stumbled upon a great, free resource for you. At least those of you with an iPhone or iPad.

In the iTunes U app is a mini-podcast series from the University of Glasgow. The series is called Writing for the Web.

This course is brilliant and will change the way you write web pages, blog posts and even email campaigns. [Read more…]


Facebook Page Photos in WordPress

Facebook Page PhotosFacebook is becoming as much of a photo sharing site as it is anything else.

Uploading pictures to Facebook offers so many social advantages like the ability to tag friends and comment on photos. This allows your photos to be seen by so many more people than if it were anywhere else.

But what if you also want to have those same photos on your WordPress website? So long as the photos are in a public album, you are in luck.

Facebook Page Photo Gallery is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add public photo albums to your website with a simple shortcode. All you need is the album ID.

Photos are displayed on your website in much the same way as a standard WordPress photo gallery.

This plugin is meant for those images on Facebook pages as they are public. There is a premium version of this plugin that offers some personal profile photo sharing abilities, Facebook Walleria Plugin.

Since you are using public photos, the album doesn’t even have to be from your Facebook page. It could be from a local event’s Facebook page which makes for easy community blogging for the real estate agent.


Call-To-Action Buttons Made Easy

Want to add eye-catching call-to-action buttons on your WordPress website without touching Photoshop? Check out Max Buttons Pro. [Read more…]


A lot of buzz about the upcoming WordPress 3.5 is that Links (Blogroll) will be disabled by default. This topic brought me back to 2007 [Read more…]


SEO Plugins for WordPress

Yoast has changed the face of SEO for WordPress twice in the last few months. First was the release of the free plugin, WordPress SEO by Yoast. Now, he has released a premium plugin,?Video SEO for WordPress. [Read more…]