Wish you could work with your Google Docs easily from an iPhone or iPad? Check out GoDocs for Google Docs, Google Drive. The $4.99 is a bit steep for an app, but it is worth every penny for an avid Google Docs user.


A To-Do List For All Platforms

WunderlistAre you a list writer? So am I. I create to-do lists for daily chores, business tasks, even long term projects.

Have tried countless to-do list and reminder systems, but none met my 2 requirements:

  1. Has to work on every platform I use
  2. Has to allow for multiple lists (don’t want personal and business tasks combined) [Read more…]

The Site That Heather Built

When I present, teach a class, or give a Webinar I LOVE providing examples and scenarios that demonstrate the strategy being discussed. One of my most favorite and extraordinary examples of raising the bar in real estate has always been Heather Elias.

Heather and I have known each other since WAY BACK?during the good ole days when blogging was all the talk! And it was shortly after starting in real estate in 2004 that Heather also started her blog, A writer at heart, a bit of a techy, and a lover of her community?she shared it all with great posts and photos on a blog she set up herself.

Over the years, Heather?s business grew and so did her Website. ?She recognized the need for more features to provide additional value to her community and potential clients. ?So Heather added an IDX home search solution, as well as market data and trends. ?Because Heather had selected the WordPress platform, she was easily able to add new features in the form of plugins. [Read more…]


Spreadsheets on an iPhone?

Was recently presented with a technology question from one of our WordPress website clients that sparked my interest. So much so that it warranted a blog post on the topic.

This real estate agent is in a situation that is very common. In her average day, she uses a Windows PC, an Apple laptop, an iPhone and an iPad. Working with so many different platforms is creating a real challenge.

She has tried several cloud based solutions, like Google Docs, but they all have fallen short. Mainly because she needs to edit Excel spreadsheets from any of her devices.

The Solution

We have run into similar problems with the operations of Agent Evolution. Actually multiplied as we not have different platforms, but also multiple people working with files.

Thank goodness for Dropbox.

By storing all of our business files in a Dropbox folder, everything is in the cloud. Securely stored with access to past versions. Plus, we have the ability to share files with other Dropbox users (great for teams).

Add a file to your Windows PC and it will sync with the Dropbox folder on your Apple laptop. No effort needed. It has literally made thumbdrives obsolete for us. [Read more…]


Go Ahead, Grab a Free iPad

The iPad is one sexy tool. So sexy and shiny in fact, that everyone seems to be talking about using it in their business. Or giving one away as marketing swag like in a recent episode of one of my fav shows Parks & Recreation! Btw- I?m not opposed to raffling off an iPad when it?s for a good cause.

But it seems like every time I get booked to speak at an event (lately), I?m inevitably asked to ?work a little bit of iPad? into my presentation. Back to sexy and shiny again, which is fine to a point. But if you?ve seen me speak you know I focus more on substance, less on tools.

That?s not to say I don?t love my tools (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, etc). But they will evolve?which means I must always be ready to adapt. And I must always be ready to learn new ways to share my expertise with those who need it and want it. [Read more…]


Adobe Lightroom: The Best Photo Solution

Photos are one of the most powerful tools a real estate agent has at their disposal. They help to tell the story of a listing or a community.

Whether printed, uploaded to Facebook, or added to a blog, images add an appeal that words alone simply can?t.

The key to effectively using photography isn?t in the camera. It is the software you use to organize, edit and share your pictures that will make the difference.

Photo software comes in many forms. Web-based systems like and free programs like Picasa offer easy-to-use, basic photo management tools. Advanced users can use Photoshop CS5, but at a hefty price tag and a steep learning curve. [Read more…]

post Your New Favorite Screen Sharing Tool

Over the last few years we’ve covered many different screen sharing technologies.? Some were bloated with heavy installs and others had the perfect feature set but were over-priced for the average real estate agent. Today we have an option that may just bridge the gap perfectly. Introducing, a FREE and simple screen sharing tool that can support a variety of needs whether you’re holding ?a virtual office meeting with peers, reviewing homes with an out-of-town buyer, or even going over contract details with a busy seller.

Really? So how is different?

My biggest complaint about online meeting software is that typically the install feels overly complicated and users need to keep track of ID’s and passwords.? simplifies all that by allowing meeting owners to easily share one thing–the meeting URL.? The people you invite are not asked for anything…no email, no username…they simply click the link you’ve shared. ?As for compatibility, both PC’s and Mac’s are good to go. employs Flash player 10 found in any of the current browsers. [Read more…]


Social Media Mojo, Tools Baby?Yeah!

Are you feeling groovy today? Yes, no?maybe so, well let me share a little of my social media mojo with you then! I put together the following presentation recently to share some of my favorite Web and mobile solutions for finding, creating, and sharing content via your favorite social channels.

In addition, you?ll notice I provided tips for ?best practices? with these tools! And as if 20 tools aren?t enough to help you shake your groove thing?I scored 12 more ?agent picks? from some of your favorite colleagues in the! Special thanks to @RealtorTed, @LesleyLambert, @Hermanity, @DaleChumbley, @PasadenaViews, @skynnard, @TLCHome,?@mindyg, and @goingbigger!

So here they are baby…. [Read more…]