iThink iNeed iPad for Real Estate

The future of real estate marketing, business productivity, and customer service is here. The iPad has arrived and if you think you don’t need another tech tool, think again. There are so many benefits of owning an iPad, both for personal and business use.

Let’s say you called all the local Apple stores today, managed to find an iPad just 90 miles away, and dropped everything to drive there on a mission (not even stopping to use the bathroom). Okay, you could have just added your name to the list on the Apple Website and waited patiently for a day or 2 (but what fun is that).

So you have the iPad now….time to put it to good use! To start, you need some apps. You won’t have the abundant choices like with the iPhone since it’s still early. But there are several iPad apps worth adding right away. Check out the following: [Read more…]


oneforty. Your Target for Twitter Tools

There?s an app for that! That?s what we?re told anyway. But how do you find the best apps to streamline business productivity and online sharing? When it comes to Twitter, there?s a site for that? Oneforty, and it?s ?oneforty??all lower case letters for those of you that would like to bring a smile to @pistachio?s face.

Anyway, oneforty is like your Target for Twitter tools. Sure I can go to Walmart?but the shelves are overstocked with so many items I get frustrated by the experience and make a b-line for the door while hoping nothing jumps out at me. Target, on the other hand, also offers a great variety of items, but the shopping experience is one that draws me in. It?s organized aisles invite me to stay awhile, assuring me I?ll find what I need?.oh, and there?s a Starbucks.

Now oneforty may not have a Starbucks, but it does happen to be a comprehensive site for finding, rating, collecting, and sharing Twitter apps. And by Twitter apps, I?m also referring to any application which posts to, shares content with, and/or is relative to Twitter in any way. The site was founded by Laura Fitton ?@pistachio?, author of Twitter for Dummies, is backed by a rockin? development team, and advised by social media heavyweights @briansolis and @guykawasaki. [Read more…]


How do you LIKE Facebook?s latest update?

If you?ve visited a Facebook Page today you may have noticed right away that ?Become a Fan? has been replaced with ?Like?. This change is aimed at improving engagement with Pages, since according to Facebook, users are more comfortable with the term ?Like?.

Apparently, Facebook users are also commitment phobes and ?becoming a fan? equates to saying ?I DO? in front of your entire online network! I can see their point, but then again, I usually jump in with both feet blindfolded to swim around and explore before coming up for air.

Anyway, at first glance you may think you can no longer send updates to fans?.I mean friends?.or ?people?. But you can, you just have to edit your page. However, I?m guessing there are more changes to come since the term ?fans? still remains in some areas on the editing dashboard. But I don?t think it will be long before Facebook eradicates that term completely! [Read more…]


How To Consolidate Your Email Notifications?In A Nutshell!

I don?t know about you, but I get quite a few email notifications from the various social networks I engage in. From new Twitter follower notifications to Facebook friend requests and updates?.my inbox can get uber-cluttered, uber-fast!

A new service called NutshellMail aims to be the Mr. Clean of your email inbox! With it, you can add all your social accounts, even other Webmail providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. And instead of getting hit with a barrage of notifications you get one sleek email that gives you a daily rundown of social happenings from all your accounts!

I?ve been using NutshellMail for a couple of weeks now, and I find it to be a very useful way to consolidate all my email notifications. Which honestly reduces the distractions, stress, and organizational efforts I once dealt with.

So, exactly how does NutshellMail work? [Read more…]


Customize Your Facebook Profile or Fan Page with Smarter Agent!

You may have heard of the popular Smarter Agent Mobile Application for real estate companies and professionals?.but what you may not know is that they just released a Facebook application to compliment their mobile app!

First and Foremost

Smarter Agent is a mobile app platform that can be utilized and branded by agents and brokers. The app can be downloaded by consumers to search all MLS listings in their area. And it?s important to know that Smarter Agent works on virtually all mobile phone devices. [Read more…]


10 Tips for Getting Reacquainted with Facebook?s New Layout

Facebook celebrated it?s 6th birthday in style?by launching a redesign of the home page.? I was excited to be included in the initial 80 million accounts that were updated with the design on February 4th. This new layout is being rolled out to the remaining Facebook users now (Reggie’s still waiting).

I have to say I?ve been a bit annoyed with some of the recent minor changes made by Facebook, but when it comes to this new overhaul?I?m a fan! Most notably, are the cleaner home page appearance and the removal of the bottom ?start? bar. The search bar is now prominently displayed in the top center of the home page, just above the News Feed. And the top blue navigation bar has been simplified to include just a few key quick launch links on the left and right sides.

Now just in case you are a tad turned around by this new layout, I put together a quick list of 10 tips for getting reacquainted with the network you know and love! [Read more…]


dsIDXPress: Search Engine Friendly IDX

If you?re not already aware of Diverse Solutions?.you should be. These guys have some serious cool factor and have been driving innovation with their dsSearchAgent Pro IDX for years now. ?Recently they unleashed a beta of a long awaited ?indexable? IDX plug-in for WordPress. ?And today they?ve ripped off that BETA label!

What does this mean for you?

It means your real estate blog can now have the functionality of a highly custom site with search engine friendly IDX data. dsIDXPress is released with special introductory pricing of $99.95 setup and $29.95 a month. That is an introductory offer and will go up over time.

And for the most part the plug-in is compliant in all markets they cover with the exception of a couple of the more strict MLSs. If you have any questions or comments about compliance reach out to them here.? Let?s take a look at a few ways to implement dsIDXPress.

[Read more…]

post Launches New iPhone App & Makes Mobile Home Search Useful

I know the 12 Days of iPhone Apps are over, but I couldn?t help but share a brand new app that launches today! is making their 4 million listings accessible via the iPhone. In addition, they are providing agents and consumers with a rich set of features to make the most of their mobile experience.

Agents that already utilize to post their listings will be able to sync with their account via the app. Branding and contact information is carried over so that interested buyers can easily reach out to the agent, or even add the agent to their iPhone address book. In fact, an interested buyer can contact the listing agent in a number of ways with a single tap: ask a question, call agent directly, visit agent Website. [Read more…]