12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 12: Qik

About Qik:

A few weeks back we were excited to hear Ustream was approved for the iTunes app store. At the time, it seemed obvious Qik would follow suite and make a move for approval. Well it?s happened; Qik (version 4.40)streaming video service has been officially approved by the app store and is now ready to download.

This smooth application lets you to stream videos right from your iPhone.? If you don?t already have a Qik account, simply create one after downloading the application and you?re ready to start shooting video in public or private mode. If you choose private you?ll control who sees the video by sending various parties a direct link from SMS or email.

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12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 11: Yelp

On the 11th day of iPhone apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
If it?s local info you request,
Augmented or not, Yelp is the best!

About Yelp:

Search for and receive reviews for local business and service providers while on the go. View nearby restaurants, stores, banks, etc. based on your location. Obtain a quick rating, reviews, contact info and directions. Filter your results via distance from, affordability, and what?s actually open. You can also bookmark your favorites and/or email them to friends. View the feed of real-time results for local reviews, quick tips, and added photos. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 10: Dragon Search

On the 10th Day of iPhone Apps
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
Dragon Search powers voice,
Displays results on the fly!

About the Dragon Search app:
Historically if you wanted to search a keyword or phrase on your iPhone you?ve typed directly into a search engine. Ok, maybe you?ve tried the Google voice app, but for me I was left wanting more. Not any longer, Dragon Search is the new one-stop search application controlled by your voice. At its heart you’ll gain the ability to speak any given search into like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes, and Wikipedia. Once the results have populated your screen, use the intuitive search carousel to switch between the other sources on the fly. Dragon also archives recent searches, allowing you to quickly recall past activity.

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12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 9: Animoto

On the 9th Day of iPhone Apps
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
Animoto on the go,
Create & share a cool slideshow!

About the Animoto app:

It should be no surprise to you that we think Animoto rocks! So endorsing the Animoto iPhone app is something we?ve been meaning to do. With it,? you create free 30 second animated slideshows, or a 90 second slideshow for $3. The app also syncs with your account. So all the slideshows you create from your desktop will be accessible. The Animoto app also sports share controls, making it easy to share your slideshow from your iPhone to social networks or via email with a special message to your recipient. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 8: CitySourced

On the 8th Day of iPhone Apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
Take civic responsibility?.
Use CitySourced to report graffiti!

About CitySourced:

I was talking with Dan Mirsky recently about our favorite and ?just plain cool? iPhone apps. He directed my attention to a new local app for the city of San Jose that I immediately thought was pretty handy! It?s called CitySourced and it?s available for free to all San Jose residents. The city paid $4500 for the app?s development. With it, city constituents and residents can report graffiti, abandoned vehicles and other neighborhood blight to the proper city departments. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 7: WebEx

On the 7th Day of iPhone Apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
The WebEx app makes meetings mobile,
Get dialed in like Robert Scoble!

About the Webex iPhone app:

Remote meetings just got even easier with the WebEx app. Now, if you have to attend an online meeting but can?t be near a computer you can attend from your iPhone. Log in using the app and it automatically dials into the audio portion of the meeting. You can even see the presenter?s screen on your iPhone. This app really makes WebEx standout from its online meeting competitors. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 6: WorldCard Mobile

On the 6th Day of iPhone Apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
Give the WorldCard Mobile app a try
& download business contacts on the fly!

About WorldCard Mobile:

This little app makes business card readers obsolete. Simply take a photo of a business card and WorldCard Mobile will add that person to your contacts. All you need is an iPhone and a steady hand! Just snap a photo of the business card, then WorldCard Mobile will automatically capture and store the important details (i.e. name, company, phone, email, business address, etc.). [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 5: Tweetie 2

On the 5th Day of iPhone Apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
It?s time to twitter like a pro,
Get Tweetie 2 now?go…go, go!

Okay, if you know me well?you know I already favor HootSuite as the ultimate real-time drip tweet tool. So? you may be surprised that I?ve chosen to write about Tweetie 2, and not the new HootSuite iPhone app that debuted last week. I?ve had some time to play around with the new HootSuite app and I do like it, and will probably use it occasionally. I also recognize that scheduling tweets and viewing trackable link stats is very helpful.

However, practicality comes into play when dealing with mobile apps vs. desktop apps. ?I?m really not sure that I scheduling tweets via [Read more…]