He’s back! My friend and radio host extraordinaire, Michael McClure, has launched a new season of #RTB Radio. I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest this week. If you missed our rap, rhyme and real estate reason…no worries, I can hook you up with the playback!

So take a listen, it most certainly is NOT a boring conversation. In fact, we hit all the most important topics: what #RTB means to me, killer real estate video, online and offline storefronts that rock, not so hands-free driving stories, passion and more passion, Ironman training, and of course my favorite topic…..WordPress!

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Shkoff Your Social Media

So I had a little too much fun making slides for an upcoming presentation. Thought my fellow cupcake lovers…and shkoffers would enjoy!

For you newrds,

Shkoff is just Italian slang for eat wholeheartedly, or pig out! I don’t say it nearly as good @bitchinkitchen, but I don’t get all worried about it.


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Are you using Google+? I love it, but have been annoyed that each of my Google apps account wanted to create a new separate G+ account. Finally Google has solved this issue with Google Takeout. The goal of the app is to transfer your Google+ circles and other connections to your preferred account.


Congrats to @TonyLongo! BlockAvenue launches today…and is aimed at delivering a better integration of geolocation and social!?Get the whole scoop?from Techcrunch!


Weapon of Choice: Dashter

I have a new “weapon of choice” when it comes to curating relevant content and engaging with those in your network that find it extremely useful. It’s called Dashter. It’s a social content dashboard of sorts, but really…it’s much more!

Dashter was recently launched by some incredibly smart folks, one of which I’m lucky enough to call a friend…that would be Jeff Turner. I’ve known Jeff for many years as a well-voiced blogger, poignant?speaker, innovative?entrepreneur and he’s not too bad on the dance floor!

Now?I could skip right to telling you how to use it. Which might get you to try it, for a bit, before throwing your hands up in frustration over the latest shiny object. Or, I could just tell you why I love this new tool, and why you should too. Which might actually get you to use it with delight or better yet… make it your own social content “weapon of choice”. [Read more…]


Taking Action for Your Business Means You Have to Get Uncomfortable

If I were comfortable with technology I wouldn?t really be on my game! Technology, you know…the tools, apps, platforms, devices?and even the strategies involved to make them proficient change so rapidly you can?t possibly know all there is to know. So why do we make ourselves crazy and get overwhelmed before even trying?it?s just our nature, or perhaps it?s just an excuse.

I recently met an amazing speaker named Craig Zablocki who was extremely spontaneous onstage. He read the crowd well and rolled with their responses naturally. And being a lifelong learner you know I had to pick his brain! So after his presentation I asked him if he could give me some tips as I?m always looking to raise my game. He of course said sure?little did I know he was looking for some social media marketing help. So we decided to meet after our event and trade knowledge! [Read more…]


5 Resolutions I Wish Facebook Users Would Make in the New Year

You’re clearly here because you care about your Facebook friends. You want to listen, learn from, help and contribute! I like you already! So brush up on your Facebook “best practices” and make these 5 resolutions to improve your Facebook engagement (if you haven’t already).

(1) ? No more whining about the timeline?just accept it already. We all know Facebook makes changes, so get used to them. ?HOW we share will always evolve…but WHAT we share is specific to who we are. It’s time to take responsibility for the communication tool we find so helpful…and so fun!

(2) ? Stop sharing images with words on them?especially when they?ve been shared 14 other times in your network already. Instead, use the status bar and text, or your own photos to illustrate your thoughts, comical ideas, or motivational phrases.

(3) ? Don?t encourage bad behavior. If you don?t like how someone continually asks for ?likes? then don?t like the post already. If you think its lame when people ask really cheesy questions?then don?t eat the brie. But remember you are on Facebook to be social, right?! So own your interactions?and engage in a way that feels comfortable to you. [Read more…]