12 Days of iPhone Apps – Day 1: Regator Premium

The holidays bring a time of reflection, appreciation, and giving. So keeping with the spirit of the season, we thought we?d give our opinions on some of our favorite iPhone apps. So for the next 12 days we?ll be sharing one app a day you might enjoy and possibly gift to yourself or suggest to others. So without further ado?

One the first day of iPhone Apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
Try Regator Premium
You?ll find great blogs to review!

About Regator Premium:

Regator, one of our favorite relevant info finders, recently released a premium version of their already very resourceful iPhone app. With Regator Premium you can easily search, scan and read articles from the Web?s best blogs on more the 500 different topics. Once you locate articles you like you can share them to Facebook, Twitter or even via email. [Read more…]


Do you really think I?m visiting your Facebook profile to look for homes? Really!?!

Saturday night brings with it one of my most favorite TV segments??Really!?! with Seth & Amy?. In this SNL skit, Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers share their snarky take on current affairs. So in the spirit of ?Really!???I?m going to shed some light on ?Real Estate Listings Inside Facebook?!

Let?s start with obvious failures inside Facebook?at the moment!

MyRealEstateListings (there are 2 of them, as well as a few more similarly named cohorts) but they essentially all do the same thing- create a ?MyRealEstate? or ?MyListings? tab on your profile. You can then click on the tab (when was the last time you clicked on a tab) to view a lack luster interface of your manually entered listings from which you can then decide to click further to obtain details, which lands you on a third party site outside of Facebook. Click for more details, really!?! [Read more…]


How to Make Use of Twitter Lists

Twitter has been rolling out their new Lists feature to tweeps over the last few weeks. If you?re still waiting, be patient (or whine about it in the public stream like I did). The feature was made available to me last week and unfortunately I was so busy I had to wait until the weekend to play with it. But now that I have, I?m excited to share my experience and suggestions with you.

What are Twitter Lists?

Twitter Lists are nothing more than groupings of your tweeps based on categories you choose. For example: I have 3 lists thus far, (1) RE Rockstars, (2) Tech Influencers, and (3) Keepin? It Real. Tweeps can exist in multiple lists, but at this point it looks like you are limited to creating 20 lists. [Read more…]


Goodbye Vista!

It is complete. I am now 100% Vista-free. Let me tell you, it feels good.

Windows 7 seems lighter, faster and cleaner. It has breathed new life into my aging computers.

First Impressions

Microsoft has done a good job of simply refining Vista. At first, I was disappointed that Windows 7 is so much like Vista. After upgrading 2 computers and working with the operating system, I am glad Microsoft didn?t start from scratch.


As an early adopter of Vista, I dealt with software and hardware compatibility issues. This was frustrating and costly as many programs and peripherals had to be replaced.

Fortunately, everything that worked on my Vista computers is compatible on Windows 7. [Read more…]


AgentPress: The Ideal Theme for Real Estate Bloggers

If you?ve been reading MTO for awhile you know we?re huge advocates of WordPress as a platform to power your real estate blog.? And we?re not the only ones who think WordPress rocks! Matt Cutts, the head of the Web Spam team at Google, recently declared WordPress as the best blogging platform in terms of search engine optimization. He went on to say that WordPress automatically solves 80-90% of the mechanics behind SEO, making your site easily crawlable by search engines.

Now when it comes to selecting a WordPress theme that delivers a clean design, variety of options, highly optimized code, and customer support?.the MTO team chooses StudioPress. Which has been a great theme option for us and our Web design clients. But now theme legend, Brian Gardner, is back and has developed AgentPress, specifically for the real estate industry. In fact, we?ve partnered with Brian to offer customization and consultation for AgentPress theme users. [Read more…]


Lucky Number 7

Two and a half years has gone by very quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I was booting up my Windows Vista computer for the first time with excitement and anticipation. For me, it was like watching that summer blockbuster you?ve eagerly awaited in hopes of it exceeding your expectations. But, like most summer blockbusters, Windows Vista didn?t live up to expectations. It was a bloated and flawed operating system in many ways. Vista does have quite a few redeeming qualities. It was an improvement over Windows XP to the point that I never considered reformatting and going back the older OS (something I did shortly after installing Windows ME).

We are now back to a time of great anticipation. Hopes that Microsoft will redeem itself with the release Windows 7 abound. Will Windows 7 be faster? Will it ask fewer annoying questions? Will it work with all of my current software and hardware? With the Windows 7 release coming October 22, all of our questions will be answered soon enough.

[Read more…]


20 Affordable Online Marketing Tips for Your Real Estate Business

This week I attended C.A.R. EXPO?s ?Tech Tuesday. I had a great time moderating a panel on blogging for real estate, but I was also asked to present ?20 Affordable Online Marketing Tips for Your Real Estate Business?. I found it really hard not to dance, but I did manage to rap a little Beasties Boys!

I?m accustomed to presenting in a why-to, how-to style, but it was still fun to hit the audience fast and furiously with 20 takeaways for their real estate business. You may not like all of the following tips, but I wouldn?t expect you to. This list represents a wide scope of online marketing ideas, so (1) you?ll need to consider your current marketing plan and (2) decide which of the following can assist you best with your business goals. ?If you have a specific question about any of the tips, leave me a comment and I?d be happy to expand further! [Read more…]