CardMunch: The Handy Solution to Business Card Overload

It?s certainly not a stretch to say that business cards are broken. It?s not that they don?t work at all, but think about it?business cards haven?t changed with the times. We still hand out this paper card that needs to be digitized and entered into a database. In recent years we?ve seen many technologies attempt to ?fix? the transfer of contact information?we had ?beaming??then mobile apps like Bump, and a wide variety of business card scanners. But each has had its own set of problems. With Bump, the other party needs to be using the software, and of course have it setup properly. Mobile card scanners were a great idea, but to get 100% accuracy they proved very labor intensive.

That?s all changed with CardMunch from LinkedIn! This powerful iPhone app has quickly become one of my favorites. Its business benefit is huge, and right now you can download the app for free. (Android and Blackberry Users: CardMunch says they have a version for you coming soon.) [Read more…]


iThink iNeed iPad for Real Estate

The future of real estate marketing, business productivity, and customer service is here. The iPad has arrived and if you think you don’t need another tech tool, think again. There are so many benefits of owning an iPad, both for personal and business use.

Let’s say you called all the local Apple stores today, managed to find an iPad just 90 miles away, and dropped everything to drive there on a mission (not even stopping to use the bathroom). Okay, you could have just added your name to the list on the Apple Website and waited patiently for a day or 2 (but what fun is that).

So you have the iPad now….time to put it to good use! To start, you need some apps. You won’t have the abundant choices like with the iPhone since it’s still early. But there are several iPad apps worth adding right away. Check out the following: [Read more…]


oneforty. Your Target for Twitter Tools

There?s an app for that! That?s what we?re told anyway. But how do you find the best apps to streamline business productivity and online sharing? When it comes to Twitter, there?s a site for that? Oneforty, and it?s ?oneforty??all lower case letters for those of you that would like to bring a smile to @pistachio?s face.

Anyway, oneforty is like your Target for Twitter tools. Sure I can go to Walmart?but the shelves are overstocked with so many items I get frustrated by the experience and make a b-line for the door while hoping nothing jumps out at me. Target, on the other hand, also offers a great variety of items, but the shopping experience is one that draws me in. It?s organized aisles invite me to stay awhile, assuring me I?ll find what I need?.oh, and there?s a Starbucks.

Now oneforty may not have a Starbucks, but it does happen to be a comprehensive site for finding, rating, collecting, and sharing Twitter apps. And by Twitter apps, I?m also referring to any application which posts to, shares content with, and/or is relative to Twitter in any way. The site was founded by Laura Fitton ?@pistachio?, author of Twitter for Dummies, is backed by a rockin? development team, and advised by social media heavyweights @briansolis and @guykawasaki. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 10: Dragon Search

On the 10th Day of iPhone Apps
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
Dragon Search powers voice,
Displays results on the fly!

About the Dragon Search app:
Historically if you wanted to search a keyword or phrase on your iPhone you?ve typed directly into a search engine. Ok, maybe you?ve tried the Google voice app, but for me I was left wanting more. Not any longer, Dragon Search is the new one-stop search application controlled by your voice. At its heart you’ll gain the ability to speak any given search into like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes, and Wikipedia. Once the results have populated your screen, use the intuitive search carousel to switch between the other sources on the fly. Dragon also archives recent searches, allowing you to quickly recall past activity.

[Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 3: Dropbox

On the 3rd day of iPhone Apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you…
Take your files anywhere
With Dropbox you can store & share!

About Dropbox:

Do you ever email yourself a document, just so you could access it on another computer?? You may want to check out Dropbox, it?s a lightweight app that syncs files between computers and even your iPhone.? To me, it?s become one of those apps that I can?t do without.? I switch between my desktop, laptop and iPhone often. And there are certain files in each of those locations. That?s when I rely on Dropbox. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps: Day 2: Home Value Pro

On the 2nd day of iPhone Apps
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
The data from Home Value Pro
Will keep you in the know!

About Home Value Pro:

There have been a variety of consumer facing home search apps released and updated over the course of the year. Both Zillow and Trulia provide feature centric apps making mobile home search a fun, easy, and visual experience. BHGRE?s Home Select app is a helpful tool for home buyers and sellers. Instead of focusing on home search, this app is a consumer?s assistant in the home selection process by providing organization tools and information. If I were looking for my next home, I would enjoy chronicling my favorite homes with pictures, comments, and ratings?.and then share my experience with friends and family via email or Facebook. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps – Day 1: Regator Premium

The holidays bring a time of reflection, appreciation, and giving. So keeping with the spirit of the season, we thought we?d give our opinions on some of our favorite iPhone apps. So for the next 12 days we?ll be sharing one app a day you might enjoy and possibly gift to yourself or suggest to others. So without further ado?

One the first day of iPhone Apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
Try Regator Premium
You?ll find great blogs to review!

About Regator Premium:

Regator, one of our favorite relevant info finders, recently released a premium version of their already very resourceful iPhone app. With Regator Premium you can easily search, scan and read articles from the Web?s best blogs on more the 500 different topics. Once you locate articles you like you can share them to Facebook, Twitter or even via email. [Read more…]


How to Share Video from Your iPhone 3Gs

If you’re a proud owner of the new iPhone 3Gs then you have a great opportunity to share video on the go like never before! It’s one thing to create video mobile style (like say with the Flip), but it’s even more exciting and useful when you can share to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube while on the go and with only one mobile device in hand!

For example, you could be at a closing and simply record a brief testimonial from a happy client. With the right iPhone app, you are only a few clicks away from sharing that testimonial on Facebook. Likewise, you could be working with a stager who offers some super advice for homeowners. With your iPhone 3Gs, you could record the stager’s tips and share them with your network on Twitter in a matter of seconds! Basically, you can turn around and share just about any engaging moment, interesting occurrence, random thought, helpful tip or even your favorite dance moves with your iPhone 3Gs. [Read more…]