10 Social Media Lifeskills for Real Estate Professionals

If you have kids, then you probably know that most schools teach character education along with the ABC’s and 123’s. And when I was teaching elementary school, there were 10 lifeskills in particular that I focused on with my class each year: integrity, active listening, effort, respect, caring, responsibility, cooperation, trustworthiness, courage, diligence.

These lifeskills set the stage for better communication between teacher and student, student and student, and even child and parent. The lifeskills provided me with the opportunity to help my students interact more positively, engage in cooperative learning, and problem solve when disagreements arose.

With the advent of new marketing techniques (namely social media strategies), it seems rather apparent that we should infuse the lifeskills we learned back in the day (when we began learning to better communicate and cooperate) within our current business goals and strategies. So I’ve taken character education full circle here by suggesting the following: “10 Social Media Lifeskills for Real Estate Professionals”.
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Dancing with the Bloggers

Todd Carpenter asked me to judge his first annual ?2007 Humdinger Award? contest along with Dan Green and Chris Lengquist. The entries were funny and the bloggers were fierce! As for the scores?you?ll just have to visit Blog Fiesta to get the true results. They are all superbly hysterical posts in my book. So if you haven?t already checked out these blogger funnies, start off your new year with a big giant smile and get to reading!DTPMMALF ? Athol passes the ?ass test?! I?m very impressed that he understands what?s really being asked of him. Plus it made great reading material for Reggie.

The Bubble Gum Interviews ? Each and every one of them is oddly fabulous! Finally someone gets to the heart of what we really care about…you know?drag racing in Houston, Starbucks, arm wrestling Chuck Norris or Brittney Spears. Thanks Lani, I look forward to the next one!

The Honor is All Mine! ? It sucks to be overlooked. Just an oversight on their part I?m sure. But can I buy you at beer at the next Beers & Bloggers so that I can say I know you now?

Ten Marketing Tips You Can Learn From A Prostitute – An amazing introspective article detailing the dualities between prostitution and real estate. Very motivating!

Business Goals ? A plan is good. A plan with real expectations is even better. Some of us need to plan our ?nice time?. Thanks for the tip!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Wouldn?t Hire a Penguin as Your Next Realtor? – Yes, I run into Penguins from time to time at the gym. They are always the ones ignoring the ?no cell phones? rule and insist on talking on their cell phones as I?m running on the treadmill?.take it outside already!

Please Don?t Destroy My American Dream ? This actually brought back nightmares of my former neighbors who held weekly BBQ?s on the roof of their 7 bedroom home. They had dirt bikes too. (Which I don?t mind enjoying on occasion.) But not while the neighbors are making their own ?Jack Ass? movie dragging themselves on crates down my front lawn.

Mademoiselle? Oui. La Spinster??ZUT! – ?Bella Donna? sarebbe la mia scelta!

What I?ve Learned in Two Weeks of Real Estate Brokers Classes – Get to the point already! 🙂

WordPressing their widgets into your Facebooks! – Perfectly hilarious and smart!

And, I?m looking for ?Dancing with the Bloggers? contestants. Still working on the logistics of the venue?it may have to take place in my gym locker room. But if you own an iPod and you have a little shake left if your booty?.you?re in!