Go Ahead, Grab a Free iPad

The iPad is one sexy tool. So sexy and shiny in fact, that everyone seems to be talking about using it in their business. Or giving one away as marketing swag like in a recent episode of one of my fav shows Parks & Recreation! Btw- I?m not opposed to raffling off an iPad when it?s for a good cause.

But it seems like every time I get booked to speak at an event (lately), I?m inevitably asked to ?work a little bit of iPad? into my presentation. Back to sexy and shiny again, which is fine to a point. But if you?ve seen me speak you know I focus more on substance, less on tools.

That?s not to say I don?t love my tools (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, etc). But they will evolve?which means I must always be ready to adapt. And I must always be ready to learn new ways to share my expertise with those who need it and want it. [Read more…]


Social Media Mojo, Tools Baby?Yeah!

Are you feeling groovy today? Yes, no?maybe so, well let me share a little of my social media mojo with you then! I put together the following presentation recently to share some of my favorite Web and mobile solutions for finding, creating, and sharing content via your favorite social channels.

In addition, you?ll notice I provided tips for ?best practices? with these tools! And as if 20 tools aren?t enough to help you shake your groove thing?I scored 12 more ?agent picks? from some of your favorite colleagues in the! Special thanks to @RealtorTed, @LesleyLambert, @Hermanity, @DaleChumbley, @PasadenaViews, @skynnard, @TLCHome,?@mindyg, and @goingbigger!

So here they are baby…. [Read more…]


iThink iNeed iPad for Real Estate

The future of real estate marketing, business productivity, and customer service is here. The iPad has arrived and if you think you don’t need another tech tool, think again. There are so many benefits of owning an iPad, both for personal and business use.

Let’s say you called all the local Apple stores today, managed to find an iPad just 90 miles away, and dropped everything to drive there on a mission (not even stopping to use the bathroom). Okay, you could have just added your name to the list on the Apple Website and waited patiently for a day or 2 (but what fun is that).

So you have the iPad now….time to put it to good use! To start, you need some apps. You won’t have the abundant choices like with the iPhone since it’s still early. But there are several iPad apps worth adding right away. Check out the following: [Read more…]