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FREE WordPress for Real Estate Webinar Series

I?m excited to announce I?ll be sharing my WordPress expertise online via a series of upcoming classes?available to?you, for free!

This will be a great opportunity if you?re ready for a Website with more freedom and functionality.? Or maybe you?ve been hearing how WordPress assists you in your overall marketing plan? Whatever the case, I?ll be providing a Webinar series is for those of you that are new to WordPress and ready to navigate this powerful platform.

Each Webinar will take place on a Wednesday at 11am PDT. The first 30 minutes will be a presentation given by yours truly, with an extra 15 minute segment from 11:30-11:45 dedicated to you and your WP questions. In fact, Chad Johnson (Co-Founder & COO – Agent Evolution) will be joining me during this time to provide his technical expertise.

So go ahead, register now for one or all of the upcoming classes! It?s time to get your blog on! [Read more…]


5 Types of WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Sites

Plugins are best described as ?features? you add to your WordPress site that enhance your functionality, content and lead generation. But new users can easily become overwhelmed by the abundant shiny plugin choices! And just because you can activate a ton of feature-specific plugins doesn?t mean you need to, or should.

Of course it?s a wonderful thing to improve user experience on your site. But it shouldn?t come at price?which is often a bloated blog with a slow load time. Nobody wants that! So, whether you?re new to WordPress or looking to optimize site performance I?ve narrowed my list of favorite plugins down to the must-haves and organized them into 5 categories. Take a look? [Read more…]


Social Media ROI: You Get What You Give

My friend and RE franchiser extraordinaire, Michael McClure, asked me to give my opinions recently via video on the ?ROI of using social media in real estate?.? In fact, he asked a number of talented and successful real estate influencers to weigh in…including my better half, Reggie Nicolay. If you haven?t had the opportunity to check out this video series, make sure you do!

And if you’d rather get to the point than watch me dance in yet another video, read on.

So what’s my take on the ?ROI in Social Media”?

First, let me remind us of the obvious. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and the lot, are little or no cost to you at all.

Yes, they take time and effort?but doesn?t EVERY good marketing strategy?! [Read more…]


What the Girl Scouts Taught Me about Content Distribution

Every year I count on the little neighbor girl to stop by with her Girl Scout Cookie order form so that I can place my ridiculous order of Thin Mints and Tagalongs?and then I wait (for months it seems) for them to finally arrive. This year I got the knock at the door?but no order form! The cookie boxes were right there?immediate gratification?no ordering, no waiting!

Clearly the Girl Scouts, being the savvy salesgirls they are, embarked on a new distribution strategy for their delectables this year! My little neighbor not only informed me I could purchase cookies on the spot, but also introduced me to their new iPhone app in case I needed to locate more in the near future. She even gave me her card that included a link to her troop?s Website and email newsletter! ?Now I can get all the news and tips I need to suffice all my cookie cravings!

Go Girl Scouts! They get it! They recognized the need to update their distribution strategy to better meet the needs of their targets. So I ask you?when was the last time you updated your distribution strategy?! [Read more…]


fbPressPage: Your WordPress Content Inside Facebook

It?s not very often we toot our own horns?but THIS is that cool! And afterall, I am in the business of teaching how to be more effective with your marketing and technology implementation!

So here it goes! If you have a WordPress site (particular those of you on the Genesis platform) and a Facebook Page in need of some serious love (aka content)?.I?d like to introduce you to fbPressPage, from Agent Evolution! This is a WordPress and Genesis Framework specific add-on that brings your site content into your Facebook Page as a tab.

As a Facebook Page Admin, you?re faced with the challenge of trying to provide content (listings, community, neighborhood, market data, etc) on your Facebook Page, or searching for the right app that will attempt to do it for you. fbPressPage gives you the ability to customize your Facebook Page Tab with your WordPress content and features?and you can do it right from the WordPress Admin. [Read more…]


5 Simple Tips for Improving Facebook Communication

As I?m sure you and the rest of the world are aware of, Facebook recently made some major changes with Pages and Settings. Some of these new updates have greatly improved the way we communicate on the platform we know and LOVE! So I thought I?d share a few tips for using these new features, as well as a few of my favorite ways to keep the conversation flowing! [Read more…]


Death of a Salesman: Marketing without an Online Hub

It’s not a new concept by any means, but yet it’s still not being utilized by the majority of real estate agents. I’m referring to the most important aspect of your marketing plan for 2011…you’re online hub.

You know, the place where you share your expertise, showcase your listings, and deliver relevant content. The place that helps:

(1) your sphere stay up to date with your market,

(2) potential clients get the information they need to take the next step, and

(3) makes current clients extremely happy they chose to work with you because clearly, you know how to facilitate interest in their home and community!

And finally, the place that makes having an online marketing strategy make sense. Yes that place is your Website, but in 2011 that place should be your WordPress blog site. [Read more…]