7 Apps to Improve Your Next Online Group Meeting!

Trying to communicate with a group can be difficult! Particularly with the increasingly busy schedules of today’s real estate professional. If you’re looking for a product to address this challenge, you need to check out Notifu. This free web application lets you send a message by Email, SMS, AIM, Gtalk, ICQ, MSN IM, Yahoo IM even phone to a group of people without having an account on those services. With phone calls, Notifu will deliver to any phone number worldwide by converting the text you’ve typed in a voice message. After the messages have been delivered, you’ll know who has received the message and who has not. [Read more…]


How I Stopped Paying For Online Meetings!

I love free technology, especially when it increases my productivity. That’s why I was so excited about the release of Adobe’s beta.? This new online application suite is not what you would think looking at the name. It’s not just an online version of their already popular Acrobat. This site is packed full of features ranging from free online meeting software to document storage and delivery.

Free Online Meetings, what’s the catch?

The only catch is that you need 3 or fewer attendees. If you do, your meeting is free! ?The service is called Adobe ConnectNow. This online meeting and collaboration solution is both attractive and powerful. ?ConnectNow boasts features like video conferencing, teleconferencing, chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, and unique meeting URL.

Setting up a meeting is a snap. To invite attendees give out your personal meeting URL. (Choose your custom URL based on availability.) Or send an invite from within your ConnectNow account.? Invitees will be asked to join as guest or create an account. If they choose “Guest” they [Read more…]


Want Free Online Meetings For A Year? Then Read This!

Yugma became one of the fastest growing real-time web collaboration services in 2007! Thanks to the real estate bloggers, and other online technology enthusiasts! But mostly the bloggers! And to show their appreciation, Yugma would like to give you a free year of their premium service valued at $99.50.To learn more about this program and how to get your sponsored Yugma account, check out the details on the Yugma blog. The window to request your account through the Yugma Blogger Program will be through the end of January, 2008. So if you are interested, get on it!

Yugma will also be upgrading their current services with new features and improved performance in the coming weeks. If you have not checked out Yugma?s online meeting tools, it?s worth investigating. It?s an affordable option for real estate agents, keeping you connected with your clients and colleagues!


Yugma Online Meetings for Real Estate Agents

After posting a recent article on 6 different Online Meeting resources for real estate agents, I was introduced to Yugma. Yugma is a FREE web collaboration service that enables people to meet online using any application or software. The Yugma platform is compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. When it comes to real estate technology, we rarely find FREE offerings. So check out this new online meeting resource and let me know what you think. Here is a quick overview:

  • Price: Packages range from FREE (up to 10 attendees) to $69 a month for up to 100 attendees (check out their tiered premium services)
  • Download the basic version for FREE (for up 10 attendees) or 15 day trial of Premium Service
  • Host online meetings for up to 500 attendees
  • Features Include: real-time desktop sharing and collaboration, mouse and keyboard sharing, whiteboard and annotating tools, session recording and playback, real-time private and public chat, built-in file sharing, free teleconferencing, embed Yugma into your website or application( Yugma Widgets)
  • Click here for the Yugma Demo

Yugma is focused on providing an easy, secure, and inexpensive solution. But don?t take my word for it, check out what others are saying about Yugma .


Online Meeting Solutions for Real Estate Agents

Online meetings have become quite a fabulous technology solution for those real estate agents who present, train, or meet with clients abroad. Much time and money can be saved when cutting out travel. And for real estate agents working with clients from nearby cities to across the country, online meetings can prove to be highly efficient. There are several online meeting solutions out there, 2 of my favorites options for real estate agents being iLinc and GoToMeeting. Check out my expanded list below:


  • Price: $49.00 a month or $468.00 a year (unlimited meetings)
  • Free 30 day trial
  • Host unlimited online meetings for up to 10 attendees
  • Features Include: desktop viewing, share keyboard & mouse control, email & instant messaging integration, chat, free voice conferencing, application sharing, drawing tools
  • Easy 2 minute automatic set-up
  • For large seminars & events check out GoToMeetingCorporate

iLinc: MeetingLinc & ConferenceLinc

  • Price: Contact Sales @ 1-800-767-7145
  • Free 15 day trial download
  • Personalized guided tour
  • Host online meetings for small groups to large events
  • Features Include: voice over IP, audio & video conferencing, application & desktop sharing, interactive whiteboards, synchronized Web browsing, breakout groups, floor control to anyone in session, text chat, electronic hand raising, feedback, Q & As, recording & playback, etc.
  • Invitations and reminders linked to Microsoft Outlook

iVisit Plus

  • Price: $49 for 1 year of unlimited use
  • Host live conferencing for up to 16 attendees
  • Features Include: video conferencing, voice calls, instant messaging, AVMessaging, file sharing and web co-browsing for richer online meetings with family, colleagues or customers for live video chat.
  • iVisit? Lite FREE (try out video conferencing)

Microsoft Office Live Meeting

  • Price: Varied, contact sales
  • Free 14 day trial
  • Hosting for groups of all sizes (from one on one meetings to an audience of a 1,000)
  • Attendees receive personalized invitations with a unique meeting URL and password.
  • Demo

Voxwire Web Conferencing

  • Price: Varied (from 3 person room @ $17 per month to 200 Person Room @ $417 per month)
  • Free 7 day trial
  • Host online conferencing between 2 or hundreds of participants
    Features Include: moderator controls, visual tools, new presentation & whiteboarding tools, instant text chat
  • Room owners can modify their capacity any time they wish Online Meeting Invitations by

WebEx MeetMeNow

  • Price: $49 / month no commitment ($39 / month with annual commitment (20% discount)
  • Free 14 day trial
  • Host unlimited online meetings for up to 10 attendees
  • Features Include: desktop sharing, control granting, rich annotation, email & instant messaging integration, private chat, conference calling, conduct remote support.
  • Easy 2 minute automatic set-up
  • Trial