Cyberhomes Blog?NOT Your Run of the Mill

Our very own Reggie Nicolay helped officially launched today.? Reggie hasn’t wasted anytime jumping into his new role as Director of Social Media for Cyberhomes. Yes, I may be a bit biased since I’m married to the guy. But the Cyberhomes Blog is more than just your run of the mill industry blog. Reggie practices what he preaches here on MTO, by demonstrating how design, content and social media strategies can make for a powerful and insightful online community.

Upon first glance, you’ll notice that Reggie integrated Facebook Connect, like what we’ve done here at MTO. ?FB Connect allows you to port your Facebook Profile right into the Cyberhomes Blog Community. This makes participating an optimal experience! You control your profile settings and how your comments and other resources are shared. [Read more…]


Apple or Windows? You Chime In.

It has held true that none of my blog posts get as many comments as those that discuss Apple products as real estate technology solutions. The passion and devotion of the legion of Apple fans, not to mention the hordes of Windows users,? has made for some spirited debates and turned many new readers on to MyTechOpinion.

In an effort to spark a discussion to rival any that we have had on MyTechOpinion, I would like to try something a bit different. A sort of editorial piece if you will.

I will ask a question, provide a few pieces of information to fuel the discussion and then allow you to weigh in. My hope is that different opinions and points of view can be presented in a way that will shed new light on the subject, as this is a question that has bewildered me for years.

With that said, here we go:

Is the Apple computer really as superior to a Windows computer as many Mac users would have you believe?

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Simplify Your Real Estate Technology Needs

OK, now that I have your attention, how do I propose you do this? Connect all of your electronic devices to your network. Printers, external hard drives, media card readers, plug them all into your network.

How does this simplify?
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Open Web Awards: Blogger?s Choice, People?s Choice?.and NikNik?s Choice

The winners of Mashable’s Open Web Awards were announced today! MTO did not take home an OWA….but it was fun to be nominated in the how-to category and participate as a blog partner! Thanks to those of you that took a moment to vote for us!

The Open Web Award Winners are reported in two different ways, Blogger’s Choice & People’s Choice. The Blogger’s Choice Winners are chosen by blog partners from 25 countries and were announced last week. The People’s Choice Winners were announced this morning.

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Schooling Your Clients From Your Real Estate Blog

Oh, how I love back to school! Not just because I have kids, I was a teacher, and can’t get enough school supplies from Target. Actually, those are exactly the reasons I love back to school. But this year, there is one more reason for real estate agents to get excited about back to school.? wants to give you helpful hyperlocal school [Read more…]


Interview with Michael Russer (a.k.a. Mr. Internet)

It’s always great when you can meet up with someone that has influenced your development either directly or indirectly. This recently happened to me when I tracked down Michael Russer (a.k.a. Mr. Internet) for an Interview. I first started reading Michael’s work nearly 10 years ago. I’ve always admired his ability to look-forward and share his opinions. If you are like me and enjoy Michael, or just want some opinions about consumers, real estate technology and a few other gems…then you should definitely listen to?this podcast?interview:


Find Michael Online:

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Save Money on Your Electric Bill

My computer speakers are always on, whether being used or not. This is because the manufacturer failed to add a power button. Since climbing under my desk to plug or unplug them is unrealistic, the speakers remain on all the time.

This lack of ability to power down isn’t uncommon with technology. Many scanners, printers, external hard drives and speakers are very difficult to shut them off.

The push for being green and the need to save money in this real estate market calls for a [Read more…]


Save Money On Your Technology Purchases

I am what you might call a “bargain hopper”. It gives me great pleasure in knowing that I purchased something at the lowest possible price.

The slowing of the real estate market and the economy as a whole has made everyone a bit more frugal and willing to go to a bit more effort to find a great deal.

Allow me to show you a few tricks to saving money while still keeping on top of the latest real estate technology.

Discounts on Computers

First of all, never pay full price on a computer. In fact, don’t even settle for a sale price. A simple Google search and a bit of good timing can save you so much more money.

When making an online purchase, have you seen [Read more…]