Taking Action for Your Business Means You Have to Get Uncomfortable

If I were comfortable with technology I wouldn?t really be on my game! Technology, you know…the tools, apps, platforms, devices?and even the strategies involved to make them proficient change so rapidly you can?t possibly know all there is to know. So why do we make ourselves crazy and get overwhelmed before even trying?it?s just our nature, or perhaps it?s just an excuse.

I recently met an amazing speaker named Craig Zablocki who was extremely spontaneous onstage. He read the crowd well and rolled with their responses naturally. And being a lifelong learner you know I had to pick his brain! So after his presentation I asked him if he could give me some tips as I?m always looking to raise my game. He of course said sure?little did I know he was looking for some social media marketing help. So we decided to meet after our event and trade knowledge! [Read more…]


MTO v.3…I’m “IN”

It?s been a long time in the making, but we?re happy to welcome you to MTO v3! Can I get a ?woohoo??!

And since so much has changed in the blogosphere since Reggie first conceptualized and created MTO back in 2005, I thought it might be nice to look back over the last 5 years. [Read more…]


Why I Wanna ROCK Agent Reboot!

A great opportunity to get excited about the future of real estate, and your role in it, is headed your way. Agent Reboot is a new conference tour created by Inman News. This road show of sorts is hosted by yours truly (Woohoo!) and Daniel Rothamel. The goal of the event is to examine and identify new technologies that are shaping and changing the real estate industry, and ideas on how they are being implemented?or should be.

This one-day party, oops, I mean conference will be taking place in 12 cities. My boogie shoes are packed for: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, Las Vegas, Portland. And then your favorite Real Estate Zebra will be rocking: Denver, Houston, Chicago, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Washington DC.

So what goes down at an Agent Reboot you ask?

Well, as one of your hosts I can confirm that you?ll most likely learn something you probably didn?t know already. You?ll hear about the latest innovations in real estate from local brokers and speakers, as well as from many familiar industry rockstars! You?ll be invited to stop by, connect, and ?tweetup? with attendees and speakers after the event. Oh, and checking out any of the top industry products and services in the EXPO may result in a handsome reward.

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Get TECH-NIK-KOL at RETechSouth

Back in college….when I was “finding myself” I temporarily changed the spelling of my first name to “Nikkol” from Nicole. I hadn’t obtained my last name yet…so “NikNik” was not even in contention. Now that you’ve been hit over the head with this completely useless information….let me give you a super tip as to where you can gain some valuable “tech-nik-kol” insight for your real estate business. Here it is, are you ready….attend RETechSouth!

RETEchSouth is taking place Friday, March 20th in Atlanta. Well, at the Gimmet Center to be exact. Now the really exciting part is that a pair of highly skilled real estate professionals (Brad Nix & Matt Fagioli) is responsible for organizing this 2nd annual event. And they’ve invited a myriad of real estate innovators and influencers to present, share and teach. [Read more…]


7 Real Estate Events Worth Attending in 2009

Of course we can’t go to every real estate conference taking place this year. But we can plan ahead for events that may be coming to your local area. Or better yet, plan for a vacation-learning experience. I may be a bit biased being in California, but San Francisco and San Diego make for great destinations! Here’s the lowdown on all the valuable upcoming real estate conferences….all are worth attending! Which one(s) are you planning for?

REBarCamp Seattle One day event for passionate real estate professionals who are hungry to learn and share creative and effective marketing ideas and industry trends. When: Feb 13th, 2009 Where: Zillow Corporate Headquarters, Seattle

RETechSouth – Real conversations about the technological changes impacting the real estate industry. Some of the best minds in the industry will gather in one room to share their knowledge. ?When: March 20th 2009, Where: Gwinnet Center, Atlanta

REBarCamp Los Angeles – If you missed Seattle, don’t worry REBarCampLA is a great day for agents looking to get started with social media marketing and other creative online and offline strategies for growing your business. When: April 2nd ,2009 Where: Location TBA [Read more…]


Best of MyTechOpinion ? 2008

Well, 2008 was a wild ride for us here at MTO. Reggie found himself in a new job, Director of Social Media at Cyberhomes. Chad’s budding blog business boomed (you know how I love good alliteration)! And I took home a Major Award (sorry, too many viewings of A Christmas Story). Well, let’s just say it’s nice to be recognized for working hard. And a little recognition, along with overwhelming support from readers like you, is all the motivation we need to take MTO to the next level in 2009!

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve already begun tweaking MyTechOpinion.? Even the slightest nuance is important to us (just check out our comment stream). We will keep you posted on the new additions coming your way…starting with our latest add, Facebook Connect. Join the MyTechOpinion community and take advantage of the perks… like the ability to add all your social networks to comments made on MTO posts.

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Blog Action Day: Using Social Media to Fight Poverty

It’s MTO’s 2nd annual Blog Action Day post! If you’re not familiar with Blog Action Day, it’s (1) a uniting of bloggers worldwide, (2) taking action on their blogs, (3) by voicing thoughts, opinions, concerns, etc. on an important issue affecting us all. Last year, the environment was the issue at hand. Click here to read MTO’s 1st Annual Blog Action Day post on recycling.

This year, Blog Action Day asks us to take a closer look at poverty and how we can help those in need. It’s especially hard to understand poverty if you don’t see it in your own backyard. But, the current economic crisis is making all of us reassess our spending and savings. So if we’re hurting in one way or another, imagine how much more affected the impoverished will become if we stop giving our time and resources.

You may feel strapped which may make you feel less powerful to help. But there are plenty of ways you can reach out using tools and items on hand. So don’t let this economic crisis get you down…get inspired by a need and get motivated to provide what’s needed.

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Make Real Estate Personal with Eyejot Video Email

Make it personal….make it with Eyejot! New technology makes sending video email to your real estate clients a snap…thanks to ?To get started, you will obviously need a Webcam. ?I like the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000, but just about any Webcam will do. Visit and sign up for free! Take a snapshot of yourself and select your preferences. Then you’re ready to start sending emails. The FREE version of Eyejot allows you to record up to 60 seconds of video.? Sending your video is as easy as clicking a button and you can manage all your video messages from Eyejot’s online interface.

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