He’s back! My friend and radio host extraordinaire, Michael McClure, has launched a new season of #RTB Radio. I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest this week. If you missed our rap, rhyme and real estate reason…no worries, I can hook you up with the playback!

So take a listen, it most certainly is NOT a boring conversation. In fact, we hit all the most important topics: what #RTB means to me, killer real estate video, online and offline storefronts that rock, not so hands-free driving stories, passion and more passion, Ironman training, and of course my favorite topic…..WordPress!

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A First Look at Windows 8

Windows *

I am cursed with the need to be an early adopter. When new technology comes out, I need to have it right away. Such was the case last Friday when Windows 8 was released. I was downloading my copy at 6:00 in the morning.

Installing a new operating system the day it is released comes with anticipation and excitement. What new features will it have? How will it change my computing life forever?

It also comes with anxiety as compatibility issues and a lack of documentation is sure to plague the process.

Four days later, I have upgraded 2 computers and worked with Windows 8 for a few dozen hours. Here are my initial thoughts on the experience. [Read more…]


Get Free Advice on Writing for the Web

Writing for the WebIf you are like me, writing is not your forte. Maybe it is, but you could use some advice on writing specifically for the internet.

Well, I have stumbled upon a great, free resource for you. At least those of you with an iPhone or iPad.

In the iTunes U app is a mini-podcast series from the University of Glasgow. The series is called Writing for the Web.

This course is brilliant and will change the way you write web pages, blog posts and even email campaigns. [Read more…]


A Favorite Business Tool Just Got Better

SnagitHere at MyTechOpinion, we have been huge fans of Snagit?by TechSmith for years. It has been our choice of software for capturing screenshots.

Much more flexible and powerful than the default “print screen” functionality, Snagit allows for small areas of a screen to be captured. It can also can scroll down the page to capture an entire web page.

This functionality has been great and worth the $49.95 price tag, but what has been added to the latest version (11.0) blew us away.

In the new version, Snagit has added video capture and advanced sharing. [Read more…]


Shkoff Your Social Media

So I had a little too much fun making slides for an upcoming presentation. Thought my fellow cupcake lovers…and shkoffers would enjoy!

For you newrds,

Shkoff is just Italian slang for eat wholeheartedly, or pig out! I don’t say it nearly as good @bitchinkitchen, but I don’t get all worried about it.


Facebook Page Photos in WordPress

Facebook Page PhotosFacebook is becoming as much of a photo sharing site as it is anything else.

Uploading pictures to Facebook offers so many social advantages like the ability to tag friends and comment on photos. This allows your photos to be seen by so many more people than if it were anywhere else.

But what if you also want to have those same photos on your WordPress website? So long as the photos are in a public album, you are in luck.

Facebook Page Photo Gallery is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add public photo albums to your website with a simple shortcode. All you need is the album ID.

Photos are displayed on your website in much the same way as a standard WordPress photo gallery.

This plugin is meant for those images on Facebook pages as they are public. There is a premium version of this plugin that offers some personal profile photo sharing abilities, Facebook Walleria Plugin.

Since you are using public photos, the album doesn’t even have to be from your Facebook page. It could be from a local event’s Facebook page which makes for easy community blogging for the real estate agent.


LinkedIn Newly Redesigned Company Pages

Today LinkedIn began rolling out new company pages to everyone. If you’re not already familiar with this LinkedIn initiative, take a look at this slideshare and start thinking of how you can use in your real estate business:


Using Google Analytics so much more now that I have Analytics Pro on my iPhone and iPad. Makes checking on the daily traffic of my numerous sites very easy. Even handles Google multiple accounts. Pricey at $5.99, but worth it.