A To-Do List For All Platforms

WunderlistAre you a list writer? So am I. I create to-do lists for daily chores, business tasks, even long term projects.

Have tried countless to-do list and reminder systems, but none met my 2 requirements:

  1. Has to work on every platform I use
  2. Has to allow for multiple lists (don’t want personal and business tasks combined) [Read more…]

Get the app here


SEO Plugins for WordPress

Yoast has changed the face of SEO for WordPress twice in the last few months. First was the release of the free plugin, WordPress SEO by Yoast. Now, he has released a premium plugin,?Video SEO for WordPress. [Read more…]


Congrats to @TonyLongo! BlockAvenue launches today…and is aimed at delivering a better integration of geolocation and social!?Get the whole scoop?from Techcrunch!


Quirky Cordies

Quirky CordiesDon’t know what I ever did without this little gadget. No more fishing behind the desk for cords that fell. Pick a Quirky Cordies up at your local Target or Staples.


Found this matrix really helpful when identifying which features will be added to your existing Apple device with the iOS 6 upgrade.

Just updated 2 iPhone 4S and 2 New iPads to the latest operating system. Each upgrade had issues. My advice, backup before upgrading and do it when time and patience are abundant.


Weapon of Choice: Dashter

I have a new “weapon of choice” when it comes to curating relevant content and engaging with those in your network that find it extremely useful. It’s called Dashter. It’s a social content dashboard of sorts, but really…it’s much more!

Dashter was recently launched by some incredibly smart folks, one of which I’m lucky enough to call a friend…that would be Jeff Turner. I’ve known Jeff for many years as a well-voiced blogger, poignant?speaker, innovative?entrepreneur and he’s not too bad on the dance floor!

Now?I could skip right to telling you how to use it. Which might get you to try it, for a bit, before throwing your hands up in frustration over the latest shiny object. Or, I could just tell you why I love this new tool, and why you should too. Which might actually get you to use it with delight or better yet… make it your own social content “weapon of choice”. [Read more…]


The Site That Heather Built

When I present, teach a class, or give a Webinar I LOVE providing examples and scenarios that demonstrate the strategy being discussed. One of my most favorite and extraordinary examples of raising the bar in real estate has always been Heather Elias.

Heather and I have known each other since WAY BACK?during the good ole days when blogging was all the talk! And it was shortly after starting in real estate in 2004 that Heather also started her blog, A writer at heart, a bit of a techy, and a lover of her community?she shared it all with great posts and photos on a blog she set up herself.

Over the years, Heather?s business grew and so did her Website. ?She recognized the need for more features to provide additional value to her community and potential clients. ?So Heather added an IDX home search solution, as well as market data and trends. ?Because Heather had selected the WordPress platform, she was easily able to add new features in the form of plugins. [Read more…]