5 Resolutions I Wish Facebook Users Would Make in the New Year

You’re clearly here because you care about your Facebook friends. You want to listen, learn from, help and contribute! I like you already! So brush up on your Facebook “best practices” and make these 5 resolutions to improve your Facebook engagement (if you haven’t already).

(1)   No more whining about the timeline…just accept it already. We all know Facebook makes changes, so get used to them.  HOW we share will always evolve…but WHAT we share is specific to who we are. It’s time to take responsibility for the communication tool we find so helpful…and so fun!

(2)   Stop sharing images with words on them…especially when they’ve been shared 14 other times in your network already. Instead, use the status bar and text, or your own photos to illustrate your thoughts, comical ideas, or motivational phrases.

(3)   Don’t encourage bad behavior. If you don’t like how someone continually asks for “likes” then don’t like the post already. If you think its lame when people ask really cheesy questions…then don’t eat the brie. But remember you are on Facebook to be social, right?! So own your interactions…and engage in a way that feels comfortable to you. [Read more…]


Spreadsheets on an iPhone?

Was recently presented with a technology question from one of our WordPress website clients that sparked my interest. So much so that it warranted a blog post on the topic.

This real estate agent is in a situation that is very common. In her average day, she uses a Windows PC, an Apple laptop, an iPhone and an iPad. Working with so many different platforms is creating a real challenge.

She has tried several cloud based solutions, like Google Docs, but they all have fallen short. Mainly because she needs to edit Excel spreadsheets from any of her devices.

The Solution

We have run into similar problems with the operations of Agent Evolution. Actually multiplied as we not have different platforms, but also multiple people working with files.

Thank goodness for Dropbox.

By storing all of our business files in a Dropbox folder, everything is in the cloud. Securely stored with access to past versions. Plus, we have the ability to share files with other Dropbox users (great for teams).

Add a file to your Windows PC and it will sync with the Dropbox folder on your Apple laptop. No effort needed. It has literally made thumbdrives obsolete for us. [Read more…]


[VIDEO] Developing Your Content Marketing Plan: Step 3 – Bookmark

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[VIDEO] Developing Your Content Marketing Plan: Step 2 – Brainstorm

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[VIDEO] Developing Your Content Marketing Plan: Step 1 – Strategize

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Go Ahead, Grab a Free iPad

The iPad is one sexy tool. So sexy and shiny in fact, that everyone seems to be talking about using it in their business. Or giving one away as marketing swag like in a recent episode of one of my fav shows Parks & Recreation! Btw- I’m not opposed to raffling off an iPad when it’s for a good cause.

But it seems like every time I get booked to speak at an event (lately), I’m inevitably asked to “work a little bit of iPad” into my presentation. Back to sexy and shiny again, which is fine to a point. But if you’ve seen me speak you know I focus more on substance, less on tools.

That’s not to say I don’t love my tools (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, etc). But they will evolve…which means I must always be ready to adapt. And I must always be ready to learn new ways to share my expertise with those who need it and want it. [Read more…]


AgentPress 2.0: It’s All About Flexibility

Real estate professionals love WordPress.

We know this because you made AgentPress not only a top seller among real estate themes, but among all themes available to WordPress users.

Brian Gardner, Founder of StudioPress and creator of AgentPress says, “It’s been a top seller in the StudioPress gallery for the last 18 months”.

We also know that you were ready for some changes, and so AgentPress has evolved. The new version launches today and our Agent Evolution team is proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate again with Brian on this latest release.


The most notable difference from the first version to the new AgentPress is with how listing management is integrated.  Listings are now entered as custom post types via the accompanied AgentPress Listings Plugin (which you can download for free). FYI- Integrating your listings via the plugin makes this data portable to future theme upgrades.  This new functionality makes blogging your listings easier and more systematized. [Read more…]


I’m Bringing Comments Back…

Alright, so I’m not bring comments back, but Mailchimp sure is with their new WordPress plug-in for improving comments. If you’re a blogger, you’ll probably agree that receiving comments can be a wonderful thing. Personally, I enjoy the engagement, the dialog, the understanding of how people are interpreting my content. The problem is that comments themselves have evolved. They don’t just take place on the blog; they take place on social media sites across the net. The challenge has become how to accurately represent that widespread conversation at the post level? [Read more…]