Are you looking to build your network, communicate more effectively with your contacts, and reach your local market online? Then Twitter is the tool for you! And our very own @nik_nik recently wrote a FREE ebook entitled “Twitter for Real Estate Twits”, so you can easily learn how to augment your current real estate marketing initiatives. Nicole covers it all…including everything from setting up your Twitter account to strategies for becoming your client’s trusted advisor!

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Twitter is a great way to become known, build your network and find answers to everyday, real-world business problems — FAST. – Laura Fitton “@pistachio”

Nicole (who goes by @nik_nik on Twitter) is not only a bright and respected voice in this new community. She’s also in the business of explaining things in a way that real estate professionals will understand, because she’s from your world *and* she’s from Twitter.?-Chris Brogan “@ChrisBrogan”

So don’t waste another minute, jump in to the Twitosphere…but do so with goals and strategies for appropriate and authentic implementation. Download your FREE copy of Twitter for Real Estate Twits below: