Why TweetLister, When You Can Just Twitter

What is TweetLister?

TweetLister is a new Twitter tool specifically created for real estate agents. Signing up for the free service allows you to post, schedule and manage real estate listings on Twitter. Track clicks received on your listings, as well as collect and download contacts you get through those listings (available via an Excel Report).

While I see the benefit of scheduling resourceful tweets to share with your network (aka “drip tweets”) throughout the day, I don’t recognize the benefit of ONLY twittering your listings. As a real estate professional on Twitter, your goal should be to become your network’s trusted advisor. This means you should be sharing what makes you a great source of related information. Yes, listing information is important to your local network (for those planning to transact now or in the near future). But what about the vast majority who are not transacting. Surely you want to maintain your connections and provide resourceful and local information so that when those in the majority are ready to transact, they call you!

Why TweetLister needs a NEW attitude…ooh, ooh…ooh, ooh…ooh?

TweetLister mentions that you don’t need to understand Twitter to use their site.? In fact, the “about page” goes on to profess that there’s really no need to go back to your Twitter Profile, just use TweetLister. Contrary to TweetLister, this is NOT “good news” to you or me!

If you are just using Tweetlister to ONLY post listings then you don’t really understand why and how Twitter benefits you and your network. You are missing the point!

According? to TweetLister, it is ONLY for real estate listings and spammers will be blocked. Hmmm, the very nature by which listings are shared on TweetLister seems pretty spammy to me!? For example, the “Add New Listing” form only allows for select information about the property (location, bedrooms, baths, features, etc.). ?See below:

You cannot change or modify the listing information provided within the tweet. The automated portion is helpful and fast, but there’s no room for customization. My suggestion would be to make the text modifiable.? As RE pros, you know how important verbiage is on your listing flyers…and with only 140 characters, you need to make them count! I would also be extremely beneficial to have the ability to share various media….pictures, video, blog, single property site, etc.


The way I see it, you could just as easily create your own “tweetlisting” directly from your profile (or Tweetdeck, Twhirl, Tweetlater, Twuffer, etc.), and do so in a more creative and professional way. At least then you can have complete control over what you can do with those 140 characters. You can simply add links to whatever related media (virtual tour, images, interesting info, etc) you have for that property. Better yet, you could share something special about the neighborhood, helpful maps, and/or other local specifics….and then provide a trackable link (like BudURL) to your listing site or blog.? Include your own hashtag and call it a tweet! That’s MyTechOpinion, but feel free to share yours!

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