How To Consolidate Your Email Notifications?In A Nutshell!

I don?t know about you, but I get quite a few email notifications from the various social networks I engage in. From new Twitter follower notifications to Facebook friend requests and updates?.my inbox can get uber-cluttered, uber-fast!

A new service called NutshellMail aims to be the Mr. Clean of your email inbox! With it, you can add all your social accounts, even other Webmail providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. And instead of getting hit with a barrage of notifications you get one sleek email that gives you a daily rundown of social happenings from all your accounts!

I?ve been using NutshellMail for a couple of weeks now, and I find it to be a very useful way to consolidate all my email notifications. Which honestly reduces the distractions, stress, and organizational efforts I once dealt with.

So, exactly how does NutshellMail work?

Well, according to one of the founders, Mark Schmulen, it?s so easy to use?his grandma signed herself up and customized her account in 3 minutes! So to get started, visit NutshellMail to sign up for free. You will be prompted to add the accounts you maintain on the Web. In fact, there is really no limit to the number of accounts you can add.

When it comes to adding your Facebook account, you have several options to customize. You can set it up to receive general notifications for new friends, birthdays and events. But you can also add Fan Pages you wish to monitor more closely. You even focus on particular friends by creating a list of targets or influencers inside Facebook, and then add that list within the Nutshell Facebook account settings.

As for Twitter, you can modify the Nutshell settings to receive new followers, most recent DM?s, and the most recent tweets from your Twitter Lists. And what I think is pretty cool is the fact that I can accept new friends, reply and even retweet right from my email inbox. So basically, I have all the functionality of from my ONE daily NutshellMail!

Once you have added all your social profiles and email accounts, you can choose how often you want to get notified (days & times during the week). I?m a daily kind of gal?and I?ve also selected an AM and PM delivery! But 2 daily email notifications are far better than?well, I don?t want to tell you how many I was getting before?but it was more than 100!


NutshellMail is a simple way to consolidate the notification craziness you may be experiencing in your inbox. From casual users to those of us that manage multiple profiles and accounts?you can turn off information overload, and turn on NutshellMail! Woohoo!

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